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Where The Heart Is

Episode 8.1 (279)
Tue, Mar 05, 1996

Henry is making grand plans for the surgery now that he and Sonia are in partnership.


Episode 8.2 (280)
Tue, Mar 12, 1996

Henry, having consummated his relationship with Sonia, now resents any intrusion into their private lives.

A Man Of Action

Episode 8.3 (281)
Tue, Mar 19, 1996

Maureen rushes to Brisbane to be at the bedside of a dying friend, or at least a friend of her daughter's Emily.

Two To Tango

Episode 8.4 (282)
Tue, Mar 26, 1996

After her relationship with her fiancÚ finished, Nicole Learmont finds herself alone and childless at the age of 39.


Episode 8.5 (283)
Tue, Apr 02, 1996

The Temp receptionist exhibits some slightly bizarre idiosyncratic behaviour.

Someone To Turn To

Episode 8.6 (284)
Tue, Apr 09, 1996

Sonia's early morning jog takes her past a beach side wedding ceremony where she rescues a bride from a disastrous wedding.

New Confusions

Episode 8.7 (285)
Tue, Apr 16, 1996

Traumatized by Sonia's death, Henry throws himself into his work to blot out painful thoughts.

Ceremony Of Innocence

Episode 8.8 (286)
Tue, Apr 23, 1996

Yasmin becomes involved when a friend is accused of having a sexual relationship with a ten-year-old girl. Yasmin refuses to treat Paul.

Ding, Dong, Dell

Episode 8.9 (287)
Tue, Apr 30, 1996

Steve has been struggling with his daughter, Brigit, who shows many of the traits of Conduct Disorder.

In Sickness and in Health

Episode 8.10 (288)
Tue, May 07, 1996

Henry's ex-wife is diagnosed with cervical cancer and turns to Henry for support.

Fire and Water

Episode 8.11 (289)
Tue, May 14, 1996

Henry bumps into an old neighbour whom he would have rather avoided.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Part 1)

Episode 8.12 (290)
Tue, May 21, 1996

Beck Rooker slips and falls unconscious while bathing her baby son, Donald.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Part 2)

Episode 8.13 (291)
Tue, May 28, 1996



Episode 8.14 (292)
Tue, May 28, 1996

Jim Sutton's wife suspects that there may be another woman, as Jim has told Kathleen that their marriage is over.

Never Judge A Book

Episode 8.15 (293)
Tue, Jun 04, 1996

Gerard Ferguson, a solicitor Yasmin has been seeing romantically offers to help after she is served with a summons.

A Stiff Upper Lip

Episode 8.16 (294)
Tue, Jun 11, 1996

Henry is excited about Operation Quokka, a series of army exercises he's volunteered for, as a medical adviser.

Sleeping Beauty

Episode 8.17 (295)
Tue, Jun 18, 1996

Al and Sasha's plans to be parents are dashed when they are involved in a motorcycle accident while on holiday in Bali.

Not Breathing, Choking

Episode 8.18 (296)
Tue, Jun 25, 1996

Not Breathing, Choking - Vesna attends a photography exhibition and finds herself attracted to the photographer.


Episode 8.19 (297)
Tue, Jul 02, 1996

Harry is going through a flat spot.

Blind Feddy

Episode 8.20 (298)
Tue, Jul 09, 1996

Maureen is shocked when her friend Beth gives her an invitation to a party to celebrate Beth's imminent death.

Long Time Coming

Episode 8.21 (299)
Tue, Jul 16, 1996

A young woman behaving strangely reveals to Will that she is his sister who disappeared 14 years ago.

Sing Me A Lullaby

Episode 8.22 (300)
Tue, Jul 23, 1996

Jess Travis brings her daughter KD, into the emergency department suffering from an asthma attack.

Drowning By Numbers

Episode 8.23 (301)
Tue, Jul 30, 1996

Maureen is surprised when one of her patients reacts oddly to the discovery that she is pregnant.

The Pleasure of Your Company

Episode 8.24 (302)
Tue, Aug 06, 1996

One of Henry's patients has convinced Henry that it would be a good idea to carpet the surgery.

The Waiter

Episode 8.25 (303)
Tue, Aug 13, 1996

Yasmin's birthday celebration is somewhat spoiled by the appearance of an old school friend.


Episode 8.26 (304)
Tue, Aug 27, 1996

Leonard King's eye is playing up again and he is forced to have a second operation.

Go Directly To Jail

Episode 8.27 (305)
Tue, Sep 03, 1996

With Henry away for a week with his kids, Vesna makes a spur of the moment decision to move out of the surgery.

Whatever Turns You On

Episode 8.28 (306)
Tue, Sep 10, 1996

A UN Supply Officer who Henry had an altercation with turns up at the surgery to see about a urinary problem.

Handle With Care

Episode 8.29 (307)
Tue, Sep 17, 1996

Henry is thrilled to re-establish contact with his old Uni lecturer and mentor, Mal Connell.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Episode 8.30 (308)
Tue, Sep 24, 1996

Hannah Bowman, a student of Maureen's, is facing her final "long case" to complete a medical degree.

I Kiss Your Dirty Shoe

Episode 8.31 (309)
Tue, Oct 01, 1996

Since breaking up with Angus, Vesna has started seeing his flatmate, Sean.

Critical Distance

Episode 8.32 (310)
Tue, Oct 08, 1996

Maureen's relationship with hypnotherapist Martin Gruber is progressing rather well.

The Pendulum

Episode 8.33 (311)
Tue, Oct 15, 1996

Henry meets Rita, a beautiful and vivacious woman in her late 20's.

If I Were A Carpenter

Episode 8.34 (312)
Tue, Oct 22, 1996

Vesna has finally finished her HSC and Henry has organised a surprise for her.

Show and Tell

Episode 8.35 (313)
Tue, Nov 05, 1996

Enjoying a pleasant evening playing cards with her neighbour, Maureen is busy tidying up, when she hears a gunshot.

Apron Strings

Episode 8.36 (314)
Tue, Nov 12, 1996

Yasmin's ability as a doctor is challenged.


Episode 8.37 (315)
Tue, Nov 19, 1996

Maureen's secretary finds out her daughter was killed in a hit and run accident.

Shoot The Messenger

Episode 8.38 (316)
Tue, Nov 26, 1996

Henry's attitude to being a doctor is changed forever after he is called to an emergency at the house of his friends.

Ghosts In The Machine

Episode 8.39 (317)
Tue, Dec 03, 1996

As a result of the lawsuit, the hospital are pushing Henry to settle out of court.

This Terrible Business

Episode 8.40 (318, finale)
Tue, Dec 10, 1996

Budget cuts force St Johns Hospital to close its psychiatric unit.