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The Games People Play

Episode 1.03
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Ratings: 512,000 viewers (6th)
Written by Jon Bell
Directed by Adrian Russell Wills

Odin hasn't found a guarantor for the loan and Jonesy Brown has had him locked up for assault. With the court date set for the same day as the auction, will Odin be set free and make it to the auction?


  • Kelton Pell as Odin Freeburn
  • Lisa Flanagan as Libby Lavelle
  • Bruce Carter as Ares Freeburn
  • Shari Sebbens as Isolde Freeburn
  • Mark Coles Smith as Tristan Freeburn
  • Rarriwuy Hick as Electra Freeburn
  • Miah Madden as Athena Freeburn
  • Ursula Yovich as Eden Freeburn
  • David Field as Harry Hamilton
  • Damien Garvey as Auctioneer
  • Richard Green as Knuckles
  • Tessa Rose as Teri Lavelle
  • Jack Charles as Old Uncle
  • Mouche Phillips as Petra Hamilton
  • Martin Sacks as Bobby Blackman
  • Aaron McGrath as Young Odin
  • Preaya Sharma as Young Libby
  • Tijana Vranic-Caldwell as Young Jamie
  • Frederick Copperwaite as Jonesy Brown
  • Luke Carroll as Wayne
  • Alfie Gledhill as Fables
  • Isaiah Smith as Bucky
  • Lauren Hamilton Neill as Shaz
  • Riley Nottingham as Constable Woods
  • Mick Glancy as Policeman #1
  • Steve Lunavich as Policeman #2
  • Marcus Guinane as Franklin Phillips
  • Dean Daley-Jones as Jimmy McIntyre
  • Rick Randall as Ronny McIntyre
  • Peter Marshall as Mr Phillips
  • Millie Samuels as Anastasia Hamilton
  • Alex Petersons as Publican
  • Brett Molloy as Spanner
  • Sean Dennehy as Donnelly
  • George Whaley as Magistrate
  • Deb Coulls as Prosecutor
  • Glenn Engels as Bailiff
  • Anthony Thomas as Real Estate Agent