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Libby Tanner, Christopher Morris and Jeremy Sims

Flame fame: Libby Tanner, Christopher Morris and Jeremy Sims

Hosing down heroics

WITH All Saints taking care of health drama and a host of cop shows floating around, somebody had to come up with a production about the rural fire service.

The ABC has taken up the cause, with filming just started on Fireflies, a telemovie starring starring Libby Tanner, Jeremy Sims, Christopher Morris, Nadia Townsend and John Waters.

Confidential visited the set at Duffy's Forest, in Sydney's north, and came back with all but the script for the Rowan Woods-directed telemovie.

All Saints' Libby Tanner leads the cast as Lill, who moves to a 25ha weekender in rural Lost River with husband Perry (John Waters) and joins the fire service.

The telemovie is expected to be aired in January with a 20-part series to follow after cast and crew have taken a six-month break from filming.

July 12, 2003
The Daily Telegraph