Fire: characters

Georgie Parker as Morgan "Mad Dog" Cartwright

Mad Dog

The first female firefighter in the Queensland Fire Service, entering the service at the same station where her father and brother served before her. Doesn't try to prove herself to her new platoon but must contend with a station commander who opposses her not just for being female but for her brother who was kicked out of the service for being "cursed." Her mother died at the age of 38 when Morgan was born. Is a member of the "Animal Liberation" organisation.

Peter Phelps as Nick "The Boss" Connor


South East's station officer and second in command behind Spit. Comes from an abusive childhood but rose up out of his troubled past to achieve a good life. Does not believe in charity (if he could overcome his troubles, they can too) and resents social do-gooders and the upper class.

Wayne Pygram as Quentin "Spit" Jacobsen


Senior station officer. Comes from a military background and runs his station accordingly, mustering his troops to start each day. Purposely keeps himself distanced from the platoon and avoids social occasions in favour of a solitary existance. In 1982 was posted to Egypy as part of an Australian Defense Force peacekeeping mision. During his stay in Cairo, he met a local woman whom he proposed to — she later died in an apartment fire. Upon his return to Australia, he quit the army and joined the fire service.

Shane Feeney-Connor as David "Giraffe" Simpson


Having retired from professional sports ten years ago, this former Rugby League star now earns a living as a firefighter. Married with no children but spends his free time helping street kids. Tries to involve his platoon-mates in his charitable efforts but is usually unsuccessful. Has a volatile relationship with Greivous with whom he has frequent altercations.

Aaron Jeffery as Richard "Banjo" Gates


Mid 20s, optimist, and obsessively neat, even to a point of stapling his socks together. Enjoys his job but doesn't necessarily want to have his platoon becoming a second family. In a relationship with gallery owner Anne Risdale. Close friends with Grievous who has a seemingly opposite personality. Called "country boy" by Dinosaur on one occasion which is likely the source of his nickname.

Andy Anderson as John "Repo" Kennedy


Apart from his work as a firefighter, Repo keeps busy with his second job dealing in reposessed goods and products that "fall of the backs of trucks". In his own words, he is a "a facilitator within a barter system". Married to wife Delores and together they have four children (Janis, Stevie Ray, Hendrix, and Tommy). Has two younger brothers, Luke and Mark. Parents names are Arthur and Agnes.

Taylor Kane as Louis "Grievous" Fazio


Youngest member of the platoon at age 22. Descibed by one of the Arson Squad detectives as having a "million dollar body with a two cent brain." Main compulsion for being a firefighter is to get women. Always looking to fight the next "really big fire." Still lives at home. Refers to himself in the third person.

Max Phipps as Edward "Dinosaur" Spence


South East's most senior firefighter with 34 years experience, providing a voice of reason when called upon. A life-long firefighter who has come to see the flames as an entity unto itself deserving of respect. Sees his death as coming on the job as it is all he has in his life and he would not be capable of retiring. Married with one known daughter. Responds at roll call with "ready again to battle the beast of flame."

Deborah-Lee Furness as Delores Kennedy


Wife of firefighter John Kennedy. Devoted wife and mother who understands the role of a firefighter's wife, involving herself with her husbands coworkers who by nature have become a second family of sorts. Maintains a passionate relationship with her husband and is a partner in his second job. The only person shown to be capable of breaking through Spit's tough exterior. "Gorgeous!"

Liddy Clark as Det Sgt Jean Diamond

Jean Diamond

Head of the Arson Squad. Has been investigating a year-long arson spree in the city and is under mounting pressure having been unable to come up with any significant leads to date. With the addition of Morgan Cartwright to the South East station she takes the opportunity to use Morgan as her "eyes and ears" to aid her in her investigation of the platoon, one of whom she suspects may be the pyromaniac. Husband commited suicide.

Daniel Roberts as Ted "Curse" Cartwright


Morgan's brother. Went through firefighter training school with Nick but acquired a reputation for being cursed when on two occasions firefighters lost their lives after entering a building with him. Was subsequently forced out of the service by his father (his commanding officer), who wouldn't break the unwritten firefighter's code that states one's platoon must always comes first. Currently works as a courier.

Anne Tenney as Anne Risdale


Girlfriend-fiancée-wife of Banjo. Owns an art gallery and lives in the attached apartment. Does not like the other firefighters, or having to socialise with them. Would prefer for Banjo to keep his work and private lives seperate. Annoyed by Banjo's fastidious nature.

Danny Adcock as Dan "Nugget" Hunt


Veteran firefighter at the West End station. Fought in Vietnam. Coaches youth swimming in spare time. Trained for (and competed in?) the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Like Dinosaur in series one, has a mantra he recites during role call: "Focused and forthright, ready for combat." Killed a fellow firefighter in an accident in 1979.

Tottie Goldsmith as Marilyn "Tex" Perez


Female member of the West End station platoon. Her tendancy to attract the media's attention is a constant irritant to Greivous who believes he is the one worthy of the attention. Left university and became a horse trainer before finally becoming a firefighter. Admits to being afraid of commitment.

Damian Pike as Montgomery James "Seldom" Webber


Born in 1963 and entered the police service in 1984, joining the drug squad in 1989 before moving up to the Major Crimes Squad after which he left the service (details classified) and became a firefighter. Seperated from wife Diane, a solicitor, with whom he has an eight-year-old daughter, Sarah.

Robert Morgan as Peter "TNT" Thompson


Most outspoken member of the West End platoon who appropriately is also their union representative. Does not heistate to challenge Spit when he feels the need to do so, especially on labour-related matters. Nickname stands for Totally Negative Thommo.

Damien Rice as Martin "Mary" Hawthorne


Militia member with hardcore religious beliefs that he uses to support his bigoted views which sees him hate just about everyone not like himself. Seeks out the approval and support of Spit, seeing a possible friendship between the two because of Spit's military past. Not taken too seriously by anyone in the platoon. His nickname is the result of a misprint of his name on his registration papers.

Fiona Macgregor as Greta "Garbo" Fazio


Younger daredevil sister of Grievous Fazio who quickly finds herself embroiled in controversy upon joining the West End Station. Given her knickname by Repo who says she will be dead, like Greta Garbo, if she keeps doing reckless stunts.