Escape of the Artful Dodger: cast

  • Luke O'Loughlin
    as Dodger

  • Rowan Witt
    as Oliver Twist

  • Brittany Byrnes
    as Hannah Schuller

  • Simon Scarlett
    as Wild Will Grady

  • Phillip Hinton
    as Mr Brownlow

  • Barry Langrishe
    as Sergeant Bates

  • Henri Szeps
    as Doctor Hartman

  • Kate Sherman
    as Becky Micawber

  • Aurora Voss
    as Kelly

  • Mathew Waters
    as Scratch

  • Shane Briant
    as Colonel Springer

  • Maggie Blinco
    as Mrs Posset

  • Christopher Baz
    as Fagin

  • Peter Gwynne
    as Uriah Heep

  • Mark Saunders
    as Charlie

  • Linal Haft
    as Mr Micawber

  • Terry Bader
    as Wrong Way Brown

  • Peter Callan
    as Grimes

  • Andre Eikmeier
    as Michael Schuller

  • Brian Rooney
    as Cedric

  • Emily Calder
    as Elizabeth