Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

Executive Producer: Jonathan M Shiff
Co-producer: Joanna Werner
Directors: Rodger Hodgman, Colin Budds
Writers: Phillip Dalkin, Anthony Morris, Max Dann, Chris Anastassiades, Simon Butters, Sam Carroll, Chris Roache

Airied: 2008, 2009 (Ten)

The story of Alex Wilson, who learns on her 16th birthday that she is not just an average suburban girl - she's really a princess and heiress to the throne of a magical kingdom in a parallel universe. And that she has magical powers! Will she give up her rock band and comfortable life in the suburbs to become the queen of Manjipoor? If her exotic visitor Kuru and a magical elephant can't help her master her new powers soon, then everything and everyone she knows is in danger.
Emily RobinsAlex Wilson
Miles SzantoKuru
Maddy TyersAmanda
Sebastian GregoryJB
Damien BodieVashan
Emelia BurnsDiva
Liam HemsworthMarcus
Eka DarvilleTaylor (series 2)
Georgina HaigZamira (series 2)
Richard BrancatisanoCaleb (series 2)
Alyce PlattAnita Wilson
Grant PiroJim Wilson
Eva LazzaroZoe Wilson
Brett ClimoOmar
Cleopatra ColemanCosma
Jordan ProsserJohan
Rodney AfifSudesh
Alexandra ParkVeronica (series 2)
Romy PoulierGemma (series 2)
Paige MaddisonHolly (series 2)

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