Produced by the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association

Created by: Priscilla Collins
Executive Producers: Jo Horsburgh, Priscilla Collins, Ron Saunders
Producers: Terry Jennings, Rachel Clements
Directors: Catriona McKenzie, Beck Cole
Writers: David Ogilvie, Michelle Torres, Beck Cole
Composer: Steve Francis

Aired: August - November 2008 (Nine)

An hilarious teen comedy about a set of identical twin Aboriginal girls separted at birth who meet up accidentally 15 years later. They concoct an outrageous scheme to switch places in order to meet their other family. One twin has been brought up in the bright lights of Sydney and the other twin grew up in a remote traditional Aboriginal community in Central Australia.
Cassandra GlennYuma
Christine GlennKyanna
Lisa FlanaganFreda
Myles PollardHenry
Aaron PedersenKelton
Jen ApostolouRoz
Tom E LewisJimmy
James FraserHeath
Lillian CrombieMilly
Basia A'HernSasha
Tyrone WallaceAaron
Sam ParsonsonMax
Letitia BartlettIona
Marcella RemedioLavinia

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