The Blake Mysteries: episode guide

The Blake Mysteries: A New Beginning

Episode 1: Ghost Stories
Friday, November 30, 2018 (Seven, 8:30)
450,000 viewers (9th)
Produced by December Media
Executive Producers: Tony Wright, Stuart Menzies
Producer: George Adams
Associate Producer: Nadine Garner
Writer: Paul Jenner
Director: Ian Barry

Jean Blake is drawn into the investigation of several bizarre murders whose only connection seems to be a series of articles recently published in The Courier about Ballarat's most infamous unsolved mysteries.

It's a mad, mad world. President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated; the world has changed and tremors are being felt even all the way in Ballarat where Jean Blake (Nadine Garner) is unexpectedly drawn into the investigation of a pair of murders.

No one knows the town's history better than Jean and she's determined to help, despite pushback from Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson (Joel Toebeck).

Jean's whole world has fallen apart with Doctor Lucien Blake missing, presumed dead. But that same inner strength which got her through the losses of war and enabled her to raise two sons on her own will not allow her to be defeated.

Ably aided by friends Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson and newly appointed Police Surgeon, Doctor Alice Harvey (Belinda McClory), Jean is about to throw herself back into a world she thought she had left behind.


  • Nadine Garner as Jean Blake
  • Tom Wren as Martin Carver
  • Emma Annand as Amy Parks
  • Joshua Orpin as Constable Peter Crowe
  • David Whiteley as Bill Hobart
  • Gyton Grantley as Don Roper


  • Joel Tobeck as Chief Supt Matthew Lawson
  • Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey
  • Ian Rooney as Cec Drury
  • Julie Nihill as Maggie Butson
  • Lara Schwerdt as Barbara Roper
  • Finn Scicluna-O'Prey as Geoffrey Roper
  • Alan Brough as Steve Whelan
  • Xavier Gouault as Consoling Man
  • Gabriel Egan as Russell Payton-Smith
  • Christopher Bunworth as Bruce Beattie
  • Asleen Mauthoor as Diana Zurvas
  • Hugo Iser-Smith as Ricky
  • Matthew Connell as Jack Stanton
  • Joshua Firman as Evan Butson
  • Sebastian Court as Joe
  • Nicholas Foley as Council Speaker
  • Abbey Andrews as Livvie