Produced by Me Me Me Productions and Decode Entertainment

Created by: Cate McQuillan and Hewey Eustace
Executive Producers: Cate McQuillen, Hewey Eustace, Steven DeNure, Jenny Lalor, Daniel Besen, James Hackett
Series Producer: Janice Walker
Series Director: Jean Camden
Animation Director: Hana Kukal
Producers: Cate McQuillen, Beth Stevenson
Writers: Cate McQuillen, Hugh Duffy, Katherine Sandford
Composer: Hewey Eustace

Produced: 2009 (52 x 11)

Dirtgirlworld is a place of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, and performing stunt bugs. Funky pop songs, guitars with attitude, beats, grooves and loops all blended with a tractor, make up the infectiously cool music in dirtgirlworld. This music-centric series explores the natural world and invites the audience to 'go get grubby' in the big world outside.
Starringas the voice of
Maree LowesDirtGirl
Michael BalkScrapBoy
Krew BoylanGrubby
Gibson NolteKen
Jason (Jabba) DavisHayman
Cate McQuillenDirtGirl (song vocals)

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