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Show's burning question

CRASHBURN, the new show from Andrew Knight and Deb Cox, may make its US debut in the not-too-distant future.

But not in the form debuting on Network Ten on Monday week.

Knight and Cox, the duo behind hits such as SeaChange and After the Deluge, are in preliminary talks with a party in the US who is interested in taking the Crashburn format and remaking it for the American market, presumably without the stellar Australian cast headed up by radiantly returning ex-Water Rat Catherine McClements and the charming Aaron Blabey, better known for his top class theatre work than TV.

Formats are usually sold for reality TV such as Big Brother or game shows rather than drama. But Andrew Knight told Julietta Jameson there was no shame in the franchise.

"I think it's the duty of television now to find different ideas because it's really hard for television networks to brand themselves now with something unique."

The deal is not written in stone, however. "The negotiations are preliminary and you say all this stuff and nothing ever happens so you feel like a complete idiot and failure," Knight says.

"But there's interest from a surprising source."

August 09, 2003
The Daily Telegraph