Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation in associaton with Disney Channel

Executive Producer: Patricia Edgar
Writers: Anthony Morris, Kevin Nemeth, Max Dann, Philip Dalkin, Shane Brennan
Directors: Esben Storm, Pino Amenta, Ray Boseley, and Stephen Johnson
Script Editor: Philip Dalkin

Aired: 1999, 2001

Imagine being paid to play computer games after school! That's exactly what happens to five high-tech whiz kids in this exciting new action-adventure series, after the president of a software company hires them to breathe new life into her struggling game business. Based in offices they call "The Crash Zone," Mike, Pi, Bec, Marcello and Ram test computer games while they build friendships with each other.
Frances WangRebecca "Bec" Chan
Damien BodieAbraham "Ram" Foley
Cassandra MagrathAlison "Pi" Renfrey
Paul PantanoMarcello Di Campili
Nikolai NikolaeffMike Hansen
Nicki WendtAlexandra Davis
Heidi ValkenbergPenny Gallagher (series 2)
Jeremy StanfordMatthew Gallagher (series 2)
Richard MossNigel Hartford
Matthew ParkinsonVirgil Reality
series two cast photo

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