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Cult TV breathes life in Lung

LIKE most Australian actors she has done the hard yards to get there, and Hollywood is finally drawing deep breaths of Sydney star Emma Lung.

While locally Lung is starring in the IF Awards nominated film The Jammed, her career in Hollywood is anything but - with film and TV offers flooding in.

Lung's guest role in the US cult series Entourage grabbed the attention of producer/writer Jon Mass, who was so impressed with her performance that he has specifically written her a part in his latest TV project Verdict.

A legal drama which centres around the trial of an idolised pop star, Lung has been cast opposite Mike Tyson's ex-wife, renowned actress Robin Givens, in the series pilot.

When shooting begins in Philadelphia later this month, Lung will play a British news reporter covering the case.

"I just can't wait. I love the character and I'm crossing my fingers that it all works out," Lung said from LA yesterday.

"I'm actually really loving it here now. I never thought I'd say that but I'm just having so much fun both at work and away from it."

It has been a dream run for Lung since she packed up her Sydney home for the US, even down to the location of her new home in "The Hills" - right under the famous Hollywood sign.

Almost immediately after she arrived in March, Lung was cast in Entourage - with the episode due to air in Australia on Fox8 next Tuesday.

"That whole experience was amazing and has really helped me here because so many people watch it - even Leonardo DiCaprio turned up to watch us filming," Lung said. "I'm just hoping my luck continues."

November 09, 2007
The Daily Telegraph