Produced by Barron Films

Producer: Antonia Barnard, Paul Barron
Director: George Whaley
Writers: Tony Cavanaugh, Shane Brennan

Aired: 1992, 1993 (16 x 24 mins)

Fifteen-year-old Sim wants to be a clown. His third set of foster parents think he's as nutty as an Australian fruit cake. So he runs away, joins an outback rodeo, then a travelling circus. He is taught the art of clowning by a former clown, Anatole, an iron-willed Frenchman who is no longer able to perform. When Anatole returns to Paris, Sim follows, and is finally given the chance to perform at the famous Winter Circus. Based on the David Martin novel, "Clowning Sym".
Clayton WilliamsonSimon Gunner
Ernie DingoJack Merrick
Jean-Michel DagoryAnatole Tollin
Noni HazlehurstSarah Gunner
Van JohnsonNeville Ranthow
Rebecca SmartLinda Crealy
Clayton Williamson and Van Johnson

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