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Seven commissions second series of City Homicide

Channel 7 today announced it has commissioned a second series of its new Australian drama series CITY HOMICIDE.

Production for the second series will begin in early 2008.

CITY HOMICIDE premiered on Seven last month and has consistently won its Monday 8.30pm timeslot since its debut, averaging 1.5 million viewers to become the Number One Australian Drama.

Returning will be CITY HOMICIDE’s ensemble cast Shane Bourne, Nadine Garner, Daniel MacPherson, Aaron Pedersen, Damien Richardson and Noni Hazlehurst.

Seven’s Director of Programming and Production, Mr Tim Worner said:

“Everything to do with City Homicide has a great vibe about it. The story gets along at a cracking pace and the cast are loving every minute of their work. It’s hard to resist energy and enthusiasm like that it’s having a major influence on the show and the audience is picking up on that.

“City Homicide is set to make a major contribution to Australian television, but more importantly, it’s a well made show that works. We are thrilled to have another series on order.”

Told through the eyes of four detectives and their superiors, CITY HOMICIDE weaves character and story, research and information into an intriguing tapestry which captures some of the real-life atmosphere of homicide work, explores the joys and horrors, the difficulties, challenges, pitfalls and happy accidents that are part of the real world of murder.

CITY HOMICIDE was created by John Hugginson and John Banas, the writing team behind Australia’s most successful police-based series. Executive Producer is Seven’s Head of Drama, John Holmes, and series producer is MaryAnne Carroll (All Saints).

September 21, 2007
Seven Network