Produced by Westway Productions

Executive Producers: Bruce Best, Catherine Nebauer, Jenny Lalor
Producer: Bruce Best
Directors: Paul Komadina, Ben Young, Andrew Lewis, Claire Marshall, Damien Spiccia, Grant Sputore, Mike Hoath
Writers: Tracey Defty-Rashid, Ben Young, Lucinda Marty, Kate Rice, Hamilton Budd

Airing: 2011 (Seven)

The sequel to Trapped. Led by the ever-resourceful Ryan Cavener, the kids eventually find a way to reach the research island only to discover their parents have been kidnapped by the increasingly unstable Dr. Hamilton. Six months pass with the kids staying on the island hoping either their parents would return, or someone would come to rescue them. Nobody comes. Desperate to find out the truth, they build a raft in an attempt to reach civilisation and get help to rescue their parents. However, the raft doesn't survive the stormy crossing and now they find themselves... Castaway.
Benjamin JayRyan Cavaner
Anthony SpanosJosh Jacobs
Mikayla SouthgateJarrah Haddon
Maia MitchellNatasha Hamilton
Natasha PhillipsLily Taylor
Joshua HibbleSuzuki 'Zuke' Haddon
Matilda TerbioEmma Taylor
Brad AlbertGabe
Tara BilstonSaskia
Lincoln HallEli Fox
Sarah MillsDionne
Logan DeileyGemma
Louis BiggsTom
Jacob ClarkeMax