Produced by Homestead Films

Producers: Russell Hagg and Patrick Edgeworth
Writers: Patrick Edgeworth, Theodore Baer
Directors: Russell Hagg, Simon Wincer, George Miller

Aired: 1975 (Seven)

Wanted by the law, bushrangers Sam Cash and cigar smoking accomplice Joe Brady are men with purpose and the know-how to stay one sneaky step ahead of the authorities. Aided by trusty cohort Jessica Johnson, the cunning bushrangers set out to capitalise on the great prosperity surrounding the gold rush. However, challenged to uphold the law, Lieutenant Keogh is on the case and never far behind. A true classic of Australian television, Cash & Company captures the essence of the 1850s — a pioneering era where life was lived on the land and gold was ready for the taking. (13x48min)
Serge LazareffSam Cash
Penne Hackforth-JonesJessica Johnson
Gus MercurioJoe Brady
Bruce KerrLieut. Keogh

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