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Diana Glenn

Gumshoe girl ... Diana Glenn stars as private detective Carla Cametti in the new SBS series Carla Cametti PD.

Elementary, my dear Carla

In the traditional television world, private detectives are usually hard-bitten, rough-looking characters who lurk in the dark and dodge bullets as they chase down their latest case.

And then there's Carla Cametti.

Young, beautiful and with a tight-knit family at her back, she's more likely to be living it up at a club with friends while she works.

"She's certainly a breath of fresh air," says Diana Glenn, who plays Cametti in the eponymous drama that premieres on SBS this week.

That might just be because in a rare moment for television this series has been conceived, written and commissioned largely by women.

"It's an absolute treat for me to play a character like [Carla]," Glenn says.

"I don't think there's any reason why a female protagonist can't be appealing, not just to women but to everyone.

"I think the creators have balanced things well in Carla Cametti in that they do have a very strong female here but it's never really in your face.

"You do get really great 'girl' moments; the friendships ring really true and the dynamic between her, her mother and her grandmother is really strong but there is also enough of the usual detective work and mystery here to cross a lot of areas.

"She's a unique character and this is a unique drama ... and I'm very proud to be a part of it."

When we first meet Carla, she is a reasonably successful detective (against the wishes of her family) who finds herself drawn into a murder case when an old friend turns up dead.

As things become more convoluted, she finds the death might have consequences closer to home than she imagined.

"It gets heavy and there are definitely moments of drama and intrigue but it's done in a way that's very engaging," Glenn says.

"The crime and the mystery are woven in with elements of romance and comedy as well, plus her family gives it a lot of heart.

"And it's all just combined to make what I feel is some really good television."

By Scott Ellis
January 4, 2009
Sydney Morning Herald