The Bureau of Magical Things: characters

Kyra (Kimie Tsukakoshi)

Kyra is a smart, confident teenager who lives with her stepfather in River City. The star member of the Dragonflies basketball team is a competitive player who never gives up. Losing her mother Michiko has made Kyra independent, self-reliant, opinionated and stubborn. She is very much her own woman — no one tells her what to do! Due to a magical accident, Kyra becomes a Tri-ling –part human, part fairy and part elf. She exhibits powers of both kinds of beings, and more mysterious powers develop as time goes on.

Lily (Mia Milnes)

Lily is a quintessential storybook fairy. She's sweet, fun and charming even when she's telling you off. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Subtle emotions are foreign to her and she can switch from panic to calm to tears in a flash. Lily always tries to see the positive side of things. She also tries to see the good in elves, even though she thinks they are blunt and crude. Lily and fairy Ruksy are good friends. Though they are quite different — Lily is all heart while Ruksy is all head — they balance each other out, and drive each other nuts.

Imogen (Elizabeth Cullen)

Imogen is an elf. She's headstrong, spiky, calculating and career-driven. Imogen's ambition comes from a need to prove herself to her well-to-do parents, wanting to make them proud. Imogen has a low opinion of fairies, seeing them as all talk and no action. She'd rather act than speak. The sister of Darra, Imogen is sometimes frustrated by her brother's laid-back attitude.

Darra (Julian Cullen)

Darra is a hipster elf — handsome, cool and charming. Darra knows he's attractive and acts on it. Though he's a rogue, he's disarmingly honest about who he is and what he wants. Darra comes from a privileged background. He has never had to work hard but he hates how people don't take him seriously because of his upbringing. Darra wants to prove himself within the magical world and move out from under his father's shadow. Darra is Imogen's brother. They enjoy verbally sparring like all siblings.

Ruksy (Rainbow Wedell)

Ruksy is a fairy. She's loyal, rational, orderly and smart. She doesn't trust emotion and is happy to leave the mushy stuff to her friend Lily. Ruksy loves to learn, which makes her popular with Professor Maxwell. She likes to show off her knowledge and Imogen and Darra call her the 'teacher's pet'. Ruksy finds comfort in her wealth of knowledge and always being prepared. She finds it difficult to improvize and is a terrible liar.

Peter (Jamie Carter)

Peter has been Kyra's classmate since primary school. He's a smart, curious comic book nerd who's intrigued by science fiction, conspiracy theories and the mysteries of the universe. Peter is a thinker rather than a doer. Instead of breaking a door down, he'll persuade someone to open it for him. Peter has a highly developed sense of humor and can't help seeing the funny side, even when the situation is serious.

Professor Maxwell (Christopher Sommers)

Maxwell is a Halfling — half elf and half human. The professor of the local Magic School, Maxwell engages his students with his wit and his cheeky, dry sense of humor. Maxwell also runs a bookshop in the human world and this is his haven. He loves books and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things magic.

Orla (Melanie Zanetti)

Orla is an elf. She's bright, tough and charming with an unshakeable belief in her own cleverness. Orla works as an agent for the Department of Magical Intervention (DMI), which is responsible for containing magical outbreaks that might reveal magic to humans. In the human world, Orla is a news reporter. Here she diverts suspicion from magical outbreaks by casting doubt and ridicule upon them.

Sean (Nicholas Bell)

Sean is a fairy and Lily's father, a dedicated family man. He is also the Director of the DMI and works hard to uphold the rules of the magical world. Sean believes that integration with humans is the key to the survival of the magical world and is diligent to make himself and his family appear like normal humans.