Breakers: episode guide


Information is unavailable for an unknown number of early episodes. Short dates (mm/dd) are for the UK and are used where episode numbers are unknown


Cheree confronts Benji about the kiss. Lucy sells her article and Alex's photograph to News of the World. And Vince has an argument with Boris

no summaries are available for these two missing months


Alex is rushed to hospital.


Bondi struggles to come to terms with Lara's death.


Uncle Eddy arrives to take Reuben home, and a stand-up comedian arrives at the cafe.


Lara's funeral takes place. Danny undergoes a change.


ATT reopens. Lucy continues to suspect Cheree of stealing Jamie's money.


Cheree continues to stay away from work.


Jack tells Boris he is moving out. Paul finds something in Danny's room which leads to problems.


Jack moves into his new home. Geoff apologies to Lucy and Maggie.


Log agrees to help Fiona with her stand-up gig.


Monique continues to shut Alex out. Log tries to explain why he let Fiona down.


Cheree is taken to the police station.


Terri defies Eve when she decides to make her own decisions.


Log takes Danny's stolen money.


Geoff witnesses an accident.


Monique tells Alex they killed Laura.


Monique falls ill.


Paul and Eve embarrass Terri and Jack. Bruno and Vince do their dance moves.


Reuben hides two convicts.


Jack has problems at Chubby's.


Lucy doubts Geoff's loyalty.


Kate starts dating Dave.


Vince and Bruno share an intimate moment.


Titch arrives at ATT.


Danny has a job interview.


Jack takes Terri on a surprise date.


Lucy goes for an interview but continues to have problems with Geoff.


Lucy becomes increasingly desperate.


Vince and Bruno are harassed by a gang of homophobes.


Bruno asks Fiona out. Dave busts Reuben while he is busking.


Cheeree talks to Eve about writing a book.


Cheree goes to her father's house to retrieve a precious possession.


Maggie tells Eve that she is intending to quit.


Vince suffers the indignation and pain of a vicious attack.


Reuben is taken in for questioning.


Reuben quits his job.


Reuben's life seems to be going from bad to worse.


Danny and Lucy share information together with an intimate moment..


Reuben tries to get back at Dave.


Xanthe settles in at Bondi.


Maggie and Eve have a heart-to-heart.


Jack defies Boris and goes ahead with his plans to record a CD.


Boris tries to lure Jack into the world of catering. Fiona's epilepsy becomes an issue. Lilly's father provides a pleasant surprise.


Lucy lands the Breakers in trouble with the local council.


Dave wants to borrow some hard cash from Kate.


Kate makes a decision about lending the cash to Dave.


Monique visits her mother. Paul tells the family that he wants to move back in. Xanthe gets an answer on her sponsorship deal.


Dave goes to the track with the money his Mum gave to him. Jack tries to have his CD cut.


Titch tells Steve the truth about his Dad. Dave sells his car.


Lily and Steve talk about the future. Vince and Fiona dance at Chubby's, but Fiona causes concern.


Monique and Xanthe get a surprise call from their mother, who plans to become a more permanent fixture in their lives.


Kate and Dave talk about living together.


Jack tries to have his CD cut.


Danny enjoys his birthday party.


Jack's CD is played on the local radio station.


Terri is worried by the methods of her new teacher.


Monique and Xanthe experience an emotional epiphany.


Jack finds himself in a difficult position with the pretty DJ.


Danny goes on his first date with Tanya.


Reuben finds himself in trouble.


Kate hopes that she and Dave can become more than just good friends.


Reuben blames himself for Delia's death.


Danny and Tanya get a bit carried away.


Chubby confronts Danny after being caught with Tanya in the bar.


Terri is angry that Kelly spoke to Jack behind her back.


Kate tells Dave it is over.


Reuben begins the slow and painful journey back from the brink.


Reuben makes his peace with Steve.


Lucy is in turmoil as she struggles to suppress her desire for Kelly.


Monique finally makes a decision.


Jack and Terri reach an uneasy understanding.


Reuben is free at last.


Xanthe receives an olive branch from Boris.


Jack refuses to let Terri push him around.


Xanthe has cause to celebrate.


Lucy and Kelly are drawn together.




Jack's CD looks like the worst investment of his life.


Fiona discovers that she is to blame for Xanthe's problems.




Cheree and Luke reach a new level of understanding in their relationship.


Lucy and Kelly are comfortable when they are together on their own, but Lucy is still wary about what her advertisers and other people think. Cheree is increasingly infatuated with Luke. And Cathy confronts Kate.




Eve is unimpressed with Luke's hostage stunt, and Xanthe's decision to pre-empt the drug hearing backfires.


Alex decides he would like to marry Monique, and Xanthe is upset about the fallout from the newspaper article.


Boris tries to get Reuben to deal with the fact that he wanted to kill himself. Fiona's efforts pay off when her fashion parade dreams are realised. And Alex plans a romantic proposal.


Alex and Monique discover that their decision to marry leads to all kinds of power struggles. Paul has problems with the tx department and must confess to Kate.


Cheree is powerless to stop Luke's depression. Kate makes a final break with Dave.


Monique and Alex's wedding plans go awry. Jack is shocked to learn the real reason behind Terri's bad mood. Luke uses emotional blackmail on Cheree.


Terri might be pregnant. Lucy is attracted to Kelly's brother. Boris tells Xanthe he is not interested in a relationship — and is surprised by her reaction.


Fiona becomes more deeply entangled with Sean's politics. Terri uses the debate as a distraction from her worries. Lucy catches Eve discriminating against her. Boris and Xanthe enjoy their secret liaison.


Terri's pregnancy threatens to destroy her relationship with Jack. Xanthe confides in Fiona about her affair with Boris. Fiona's commitment to Sean's cause sees her drawn into radical social action.


Terri's pregnancy ends in a late period. Lucy spends some time alone with Andrew. When Cheree seeks Steve's advice on Luke, the latter accuses her of betraying his trust.


Andrew and Lucy's time alone threatens Lucy's relationship with Kelly. Cheree fears that she may never see Luke again. Alex has renewed contact with his father.


Lucy's attraction to Andrew comes to a head. Monique tries to please everyone with the wedding arrangements.


Vince feels that he is on the brink of a major breakthrough in his career. Kate and Monique speak about their differences. Fiona is beginning to feel that she and Boris are not the good friends that she thought they were.


Xanthe is suspended for three months.


Eve receives some ego-shattering news about her writing.


Lucy's romance with Kelly is in trouble.


Kate makes a speedy recovery.


Alex and Monique have a disagreement over their honeymoon.


Xanthe has more relationship troubles.


Jack and Terri disagree over a gift.


Xanthe is accused of vandalism.


Alex's father arrives.


Alex's fears are confirmed when he learns that Jane hasn't changed her ways.


Alex avoids telling Tim the truth.


Tim realises that he is better off without Jane.


Jack feels responsible for Kate's subdural haematoma.


Steve tries to help a pregnant schoolgirl.


Xanthe is hurt.


Xanthe puts her problems into perspective.


Steve moves into his flat.


Cheere agrees to remove her clothes.


Kate wakes from her coma.


Kim has a flashback.


Jack comes to Terri's aid.


Reuben subjects Fiona and Vince to his persuasive power.


Simon helps Lucy.


Lucy endeavours to discover her true self.


Alex starts his new job.


Alex helps Kate to make a momentous decision. The birth of Belinda's baby has a big effect on Lucy. Cheree refuses to conform to Eve's standards at the Haha's ceremony.


Lucy starts to come to terms with Belinda's decision. Alex continues to keep secret his feelings about his new job.


Kate is faced with the unpleasant reality of her new life. Alex and Monique are honest with each other about Alex's job. Steve and Leeza part company.


Doug and Jack's relationship develops. Vince and Fiona decide to make a documentary on street children. Steve is desperate to find a new flatmate.


In a bid to keep Terri 'on-side', Doug encourages Jack to invite her to a family barbecue. Steve invites a young lawyer he meets at ATT to move in.


Vince sees a new side of life with Peter. Steve is suspicious about Peter's mood swings. Kate arrives back at Bondi.


Boris suspects that Vince may be taking drugs. Steve finds out that Peter is not the dream flatmate after all. Kate explains her reasons for coming home.


Belinda and Lucy settle their differences. Doug justifies his behaviour to Jack. Reuben and Fiona come up with a scheme to breathe new life into their film.


Fiona accuses Boris of being heavy handed with Vince. Belinda fears that Lucy has stolen her baby. Danny has a glitch with his internet terminal in the cafe.




Jack inadvertently reveals Doug's secret to Terri. Tension mounts between Boris and Fiona. And Reuben begins to believe that he has exploited Delia's memory.


Terri cannot accept Jack's advice to stay out of Sharon and Doug's relationship. Reuben in given sole responsibility for editing the film. And Fiona and Boris finally face up to their feelings for each other.


Doug and Sharon's marital problems push Jack and Terri's relationship to the point of collapse.


The cause of the smell is located — the news of Mr Purcell's death rocks Breakers. Cheree is shocked to discover the identity of her new publicist. And Xanthe feels excluded with her sister's baby on the way.


Danny hits his father. Xanthe wants to remember Mr Purcell as a human and tries to find out what kind of life he had. And Cheree teaches Benjamin a lesson.


Paul and Danny have to deal with the repercussions of the punch. Xanthe traces Mr Purcell's great niece. Terri is having trouble coming to terms with her break-up with Jack.


Terri is devastated by Jack's continued rejection of her. Xanthe meets a relative of the late Mr Purcell. Kate is determined to find a new direction for her life.


Terri reacts badly as she realises that her relationship with Jack is really over. Fiona finds a heatwave getting in the way of her first date with Boris. Kate shocks Eve with her plans for the future.


Andie comes back into Jack's life. Terri shocks everyone with a new look. Cheree is attacked by a `shock jock' radio interviewer.


Boris moves into Steve's flat. Monique collapses at BMS, where she is discovered by Terri.


Monique gives birth two months early. English rocker Johnny Sheffield is staying in Bondi. And Lucy schemes to cover the story for the Breaker.


Paul and Danny's dispute over the loan for Danny's computer business finally looks like being resolved. Andie appears out of the blue and invites Jack to a party at Johnny Sheffield's hotel. And Flynn has to be put on a respirator.


Jack and Andie come to realise they may yet have a future after all. Danny becomes infatuated with Xanthe's new training partner.


Disaster strikes when Fiona lures Boris out on a picnic. Benjamin and Cheree's relationship moves from the professional to the personal. And Kate finally confronts Eve about her control freak issues.


Cheree confronts Benji about the kiss. Lucy sells her article and Alex's photograph to News of the World. And Vince has an argument with Boris.


Fiona has had enough of Boris's irrational attitude. Paul confronts Eve about her strange behaviour. Baby Flynn gives his parents a scare. Eve tells Paul the reason for her introspective mood. Fiona and Boris make up. Benji reassures Cheree that he is in for the long term.


Benji has cause to see Cheree's HIV status in a new, worrying light. Alex decides to take on another high-profile photo gig. Terri embarks on an exciting new relationship. Paul is not happy to discover that Terri has been lying to him. Terri is enjoying her budding relationship with Dean. Jack helps Andie out with a surf club fund-raising event.


Jack's scavenger hunt is a huge success. Andie feels threatened when Jack takes control. Danny and Sam get their romance back on track. Alex struggles to look after baby Flynn alone. Eve suspects Paul of having an affair with Irene.


Cheree asks Benji to go to the clinic with her. Eve's behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic. Alex decides that a paparazzi career is not for him. Terri gets physical with Dean. Benji is beginning to distance himself from Cheree. Danny and Sam share their first kiss.


Jack asserts himself and ends his relationship with Andie. Danny reveals to Sam the truth about his past relationship. Boris begins to relax with Fiona. Vince has to make a choice about his future in Bondi. Andie continues to play power games with Jack. Paul feels threatened by Terri's new boyfriend.


Danny and Sam get over their embarrassment and take tentative steps towards a new relationship. Reuben realises that it is time to move on and find his place in the world.


Vince becomes increasingly convinced that his future lies in Sydney with his friends. Terri is suffering from exam nerves.


Jack turns back to Terri. Reuben finds what he has been looking for.


Reuben's mother delivers some home truths. Benji rejects Cheree.


Things are looking up for Alex and Monique. Paul warns Eve that she may lose her family.


Eve interrupts an intruder. Fiona finds out why Paul did not give her the apartment. Eve tries to take responsibility for her irrational behaviour. Alex cares for Flynn. Fiona and Boris argue over her new flat.


Monique has to consider returning to part-time work. A mystery woman visits Steve. Vince remains unhappy about moving to Bathurst. Kate and Steve's date fails to happen. Vince is allowed to remain in Bondi. Jack is busted when he takes a sickie.


Eve reaches the end of her tether. Monique feels threatened by Xanthe's involvement at BMS. Jack blames Danny and Cheree when he loses his job at the surf club. Everyone struggles to come to terms with Eve's disappearance. Jack decides to fight for his job at the surf club. Dean takes his first steps to atonement.


Monique manipulates her way back into BMS. Lucy feels the pressure of running the Breaker without Eve. Rebecca reveals that Steve has a son. Monique realises the importance of being with her baby, rather than being at BMS. Fiona moves in without Boris's help.


Dean leaves a terrified Terri with his gang. Boris adjusts to Fiona's presence in the building. Steve gets to know the son he never knew he had. Xanthe interviews the dashing Dr Dalton. Paul suffers over Eve and Terri's departure.


Terri has a miserable 18th birthday without her mother. Danny fears that his family is falling apart. Reuben is concerned that Cheree is spending all of her book advance. Xanthe is warned to steer clear of womanising Dr Nick Dalton. Vince gets cold feet about doing an underwear photo shoot. Paul feels the strain of Eve's disappearance.


Romance is in the air for Xanthe. Jack tells Brett that Lucy is into girls. Vince uses a strategically placed sock for his underwear photo shoot. Steve still has doubts about Cam's `real' father. Jack bribes Brett to take Lucy out. Boris's developing relationship with Fiona reveals his tender side.


Terri realises that her father is a broken man. Alex and Monique decide to get a nanny. Rebecca wants Steve to take a DNA test. Boris and Fiona disagree over whether to have children one day. Monique is not pleased by any of the nanny applicants.


Terri finds out that Eve checked out of the retreat five days ago. Steve agrees to the DNA test. Eve returns to Bondi. Xanthe admits to Monique that she does not trust India. Nick and Xanthe kiss.


Eve and Paul's relationship is still in turmoil. Vince pumps iron and meets a new man. Lucy rekindles her interest in Brett. Fiona gets braces to further her acting career. Paul tells Terri and Danny about Eve's plans for the future. Vince is still obsessing over his body, but this hides a far deeper insecurity.


Terri receives her HSC results without any of the expected fanfare. The DNA tests prove positive, and Steve and Rebecca make a decision about Cameron. Xanthe is snowed under at BMS, since Paul remains despondent, and Monique is forced to step in to save the day. Jack feels obliged to be honest with Lucy about Brett's intentions. Terri tells Paul about her HSC results.


Eve chooses her family over her lover, and Lucy does her best to hold the office together without her. Domestic duties are on the agenda at Fiona's flat. Jack is upset when he does not get the job of lifeguard, despite the interview having gone well. Steve has to admit that he is anxious about being a father. Lucy enjoys her revenge on the arrogant Brett.


Paul does not want to know what is plaguing Eve's conscience. Reuben decides to get the kids out of the doldrums. Cheree has an idea for her book. Vince and Reuben find a new friend on the road. Kate speaks to Eve about her guilt over Chris.

Episode 407

October 01, 1999

Cameron is happy staying at Bondi, but only when it has nothing to do with Steve. Vince, Reuben and Fiona have their hearts set on being parents to the orphaned Joey. Fiona and Boris fall out over his inability to discuss his emotins with her. Cheree is being harassed by a phantom phone caller and letter writer.

Episode 408

October 04, 1999

Cheree is concerned she's being stalked. Jack gives Fiona a little advice about Boris. Monique's hopes are built up… only for a fall.

Episode 409

October 05, 1999

Xanthe acts as Monique's fairy godmother, helping her go to the ball. Terri is shocked to learn of Eve's affair. Nick and Xanthe reach a new level of understanding.

Episode 410

October 06, 1999

Xanthe and Nick hit the first bump in their relationship. Terri struggles to come to terms with her mother's affair and her own loss of innocence. Danny faces the dilemma of being faithful to Sam after meeting the attractive winner of the BMS model search. Alex and Monique's night out has renewed their relationship and given Monique the reassurance that she can return to work.

Episode 411

October 07, 1999

Paul is dreading the arrival of his father. Alex and Monique receive a nasty surprise concerning BMS. Nick and Xanthe search for direction.

Episode 412

October 08, 1999

Terri suffers as a result of her night out on the town. India goes all-out to try and impress Alex. A depressed Paul believes his father may be right about him being a failure.

Episode 413

October 11, 1999

Cheree realises the stalker is no longer a figment of her imagination — it's a very real threat. Steve begins to bond with his son — but Cam's jealousy causes the situation to backfire. Paul regrets his mistakes with the models and is determined to get BMS back on track.

Episode 414

October 12, 1999

Steve makes slow but steady progress with Cameron. Cameron tries to make progress with Cheree. But Cheree is preoccupied with her obsessive letter-writing fan, and her fears about his long term intentions begin to deepen. Reuben's trip down to wires takes a sinister turn.

Episode 415

October 13, 1999

While on the double date, Fiona can't help comparing the stuffy Boris to the charming Nick. The stalker is getting too close for comfort. Boris and Fiona argue with shocking consequences.

Episode 416

October 14, 1999

Believing that Nick is asleep, Xanthe tells him she loves him. Fiona recovers from her seizure. Terri continues to be the party girl.

Episode 417

October 15, 1999

Fiona has another seizure. Jack's job at the car wash is anything but rewarding. Nick lies to Xanthe about his work commitments. Could he be avoiding her?

Episode 418

October 18, 1999

Despite Monique's misgivings, Paul is convinced they should use BMS girls to help launch Chubby's new car wash venture. Chubby lends Paul a book called "Me Tarzan, You Jane" which is guaranteed to improve his faltering relationship with Eve. A new kid called Stuart appears at ATT and Steve tries to get him a job with Jack. Lucy reveals to Steve that Cam has a crush on Cheree and that he has been spending heaps of time at their flat. Steve is stunned at the news.

Episode 419

October 19, 1999

Paul's off the wall attempt to rekindle the spark of romance with Eve has been a succesds. Now, with Lyall having convinced Terri they should be supporting Paul and Eve's attempts to reconcile, the various members of the Simmons clan are looking happier than they have for a long time. Lucy suspects that the attack on the beast is the work of Cheree's stalker. Cheree finally opens up to Vince and admits how scared she is. Steve tells Stuart about the problems he is having with his son, but when Steve discovers that Cheree is being stalked, he and Cameron find common ground in their desire to protect her.

Episode 420

October 20, 1999

Cameron and Cheree believe they have seen the stalker and Cameron chases after him. Lyall continues to berate Paul over his chosen career. Danny finally hears from Sam.

Episode 421

October 21, 1999

Steve finds his son and takes him to hospital where he discovers that Cheree and Cam are romantically involved. Nick and Xanthe are star crossed lovers. Danny feels guilty for cheating on Sam.

Episode 422

October 22, 1999

Steve comes to terms with Cameron and Cheree's relationship. The underlying troubles between Paul and Lyall come to a head. Stuart finds new hope when Eve is impressed with his art.

Episode 423

October 25, 1999

Xanthe is reconciled with Nick. Danny discovers that Sam is in hospital. Paul and Lyall reach a new understanding.

Episode 424

October 26, 1999

Fiona comes to the realisation she hasn't got the right to expect Boris to change for her. Dennis, the kangaroo, is almost found by Paul, whilst Boris tells Reuben it has to go. Danny faces the reality of Sam's illness.

Episode 425

October 27, 1999

Jack suspects Slim of running a stolen car racket. Reuben takes Dennis the kangaroo to Autumn, the mysterious carer. Boris feels that his relationship with Fiona is going nowher fast.

Episode 426

October 28, 1999

Jack gets into trouble with the police. Reuben is more and more intrigued by Autumn. Cheree endangers her relationship with Eve. Lucy gets a call from Kelly.

Episode 427

October 29, 1999

Boris and Fiona are forced to admit that there is no spark between them. Reuben decides to stay with Autumn. Jack enlists Boris's help to sort out his trouble with the police.

Episode 428

November 01, 1999

Fiona and Boris break up. Sam finds out that her melanoma is malignant. Nick tells Xanthe about his travel plans.

Episode 429

November 02, 1999

Alex thinks that Monique has left him. Cheree tells Cameron that they cannot have a relationship. Paul supports Danny.

Episode 430

November 03, 1999

Final episode. Lucy considers a career change. Steve decides to leave ATT with Cam. Terri helps Danny to come to terms with Sam's death.