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Wood wants silver

COULD it be 10th time lucky for eternal bridesmaid, well, maybe best man, John Wood?

With the TV Week Logie Awards entering a new voting phase, fans of the Blue Heelers star think he may finally have a chance at winning the coveted gold statue.

But ask Wood about his chances, and you'll find a man pretty unbothered by the whole affair.

Wood told The Eye he had never understood the awards voting system, and, with the changes in place, still didn't have much of a clue.

TV Week recently announced that for the first time in the award's 48-year history, the Gold Logie winner would be voted by the public via SMS and phone.

It means fans of all ages will play a part, instead of just TV Week readers, who are traditionally the nanna-rinse set and teenage girls.

Speculation on Logies chances at the online forum has Wood and fellow Channel 7 darling Kate Ritchie as favourites to win the Gold this year following Rove McManus's three-year reign.

Onliner Jarrod had this to say about Wood: "Any actor who can endure through all the years of Blue Heelers and all the changes that Tom Croydon's part has had to make deserves to win the Gold.

"John is a great Australian and he is a great representative of Australia's acting talent."

But with Blue Heelers axed and soon to be off our screens forever, Wood said the Gold Logie was not his priority.

"To tell you the truth, I'd prefer to win a most outstanding award for my work on Heelers, especially episode 500 and the final two episodes, he said. "I'd get much more pleasure from silver outstanding Logie than a gold."

But Wood hasn't given up altogether on gold.

"Funnily enough, now that I am no longer even a TV star, my chances are probably better than ever," he said.

TV Week nominations close on February 20, and then SMS and phone voting will take place until the night of the May 7 event.

February 08, 2006
The Herald Sun