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Heeler Tom fights his demons

BLUE Heelers producers have promised fans will be satisfied with the final episodes, with John Wood’s character Tom Croydon facing his demons in one storyline.

Channel 7 has axed the Australian drama stalwart after a 12-year run, but series producer Gus Howard said the final episodes would tie up loose ends.

“In the last 11 episodes, we tried to satisfy fans’ obvious desire for us to take the show into darker places,” he said.

“At the same time, we wanted to satisfy long-time fans and their desire for life to neatly make sense at the end of every episode.”

Shooting of the final episodes ended on December 20, before Southern Star production company producers and cast knew the show would be cancelled.

“As we wrote it and developed it and shot it, we didn’t know if we would get a renewal or not… so we acted as if it was possible we wouldn’t get renewed, so it could play as a final episode,” Howard said.

“We’ve spun Tom’s whole life and shattered his view of the world and the new episodes really put Tom on the spot and give him a whole new way of looking at his life.”

Howard said the instalments would be “strong John Wood” episodes and he hoped they would impress Logies judges.

Blue Heelers will end with a double episode.

A spokeswoman for Seven said broadcast dates for the last episodes were yet to be set.

By Mary Bolling
January 16, 2006
The Herald Sun