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Tahli Corin

SCREEN SUCCESS: Former Greenock actress Tahli Corin (Vogt) recently appeared on Channel 7 drama Blue Heelers

Tahli's making her mark

Former Greenock actress Tahli Vogt is steadily rising up the performing arts ladder, after recently gracing television screens across the nation.

Acting under the stage name of Tahli Corin, she recently landed her first dramatic screen role on Channel 7’s popular drama Blue Heelers.

“I played the character of Britnee West, a person who witnessed the killing of her nephew,” she said.

Never experiencing a real situation like this, Tahli said it was her three-year intensive training with the state’s Centre for the Performing Arts which helped her to take on the traumatic role.

Tahli’s guest appearance also took place during Blue Heelers first live show.

“I remember John Woods (Tom Croydon) saying to me after a scene, ‘you’re making television history’ because I was part of the show’s new concept,” she said.

Following the excitement of gaining the role, Tahli said panic soon set in as she realised her part was to fall the week after she was to be married to fellow former Barossan Josh Tyler.

“I’m just fortunate that everything went well for both,” she said.

Tahli, whose ultimate dream is theatre, said she is currently gearing herself up for auditions for The Trojan Women.

“My sights are set on the part of Helen of Troy, but I am taking everything in my stride” she said.

“Acting is a tough industry and at this stage of my life I have set little goals that I hope will lead into me being fully employed.

“The biggest positive I have is dedication and commitment, which has helped me to live through the rejections,” Tahli said.

By Michelle O'Rielly May 12, 2004 Barossa & Light Herald