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Sgt Tess decides to quit

BLUE Heelers star Caroline Craig has quit the top-rating Australian police drama.

Craig, who plays Sergeant Tess Gallagher, joined Heelers in February 2000, replacing Lisa McCune.

She was to take time off from the series in July to star in the Playhouse stage production of Falling Petals.

But in a shock move, Craig will not return to join her Mt Thomas colleagues on the hit Seven Network show.

She has appeared in more than 130 episodes since joining the show and will film her final Heelers scenes next month.

By Robert Fidgeon
May 31, 2003
The Herald Sun

Blue Heeler quits show

BLUE Heelers star Caroline Craig has quit Australia's number one television drama to pursue a career on the stage.

Craig, who joined Blue Heelers in May, 2000 and has appeared in more than 130 episodes, plays Sergeant Tess Gallagher in the rural police drama.

Channel 7 head of drama John Holmes said it was always sad to lose a popular cast member.

"We certainly wish Caroline continued success," Holmes said last week.

"The show has time and again proven its durability, and this is just another chapter in the life of Blue Heelers."

With Sergeant Gallagher embroiled in a tense emotional plot, her departure is sure to be dramatic, although Holmes refused to comment on the details of her exit.

The young sergeant is pregnant to her estranged husband but romantically involved with Constable Evan Jones, played by Ditch Davey.

Craig will finish filming the series at the end of this month, but her character will be seen on air until September.

Auditions are under way to find a new member for the Blue Heelers team.

"Casting a new character always offers a fresh opportunity for scripts and plot developments," Holmes said.

Craig already has a stage part lined up in the Melbourne Playhouse production of Falling Petals.

Blue Heelers is screening its 10th series this year, and the cast and crew will celebrate their 400th episode next month.

It was the highest-rating Australian drama last year and retains its lead this year, with an average of nearly 1.5 million viewers tuning in each week.

The Logie-winning show has produced stars such as John Wood, who plays Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon, Lisa McCune, Tasma Walton and Martin Sacks.

June 01, 2003
The Daily Telegraph