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The object of our attention

Things are hotting up in Mt Thomas as three of its coppers are bitten by the love bug. But just who is falling for who?

When Constable Evan Jones (Ditch Davey) first arrived in Mt Thomas, his presence certainly raised a few eyebrows among the local female coppers. But it is not the fact that Jonesy, as he prefers to be called, was personally welcomed to the station by Insp Falson-Price (Neil Pigot) that has Tess (Caroline Craig) and Jo (Jane Allsop) interested in the new recruit—it's his dashing good looks!

"Jo definitely thinks that Jonesy is a bit of all-right," laughs Jane, whose character Con Jo Parrish has been unlucky in love since arriving in Mt Thomas almost two years ago.

"I think getting a new person in the station is always a big deal." she adds, "but the fact that this person is a guy, and a good-looking one at that, makes it a little more exciting for Jo."

But while Jo makes it known that she intends to be more than just friends with her new colleague, Jonesy appears oblivious to her flirtations, focusing his attentions on his superior, Sgt Tess Gallagher instead.

"Jonesy really like Tess," Ditch says, "He knows what he likes, and whether that fits in with everyone else doesn't matter. He knows that Tess is a higher ranking officer than he is, and his interest may not be appropriate, but the beautiful thing about him is that he doesn't really care."

Craig, Davey, Allsop

While Jonesy may still be trying to get Tess's attention on a personal level, he definitely has it on the professional one. Like several other Blue Heelers coppers before him, Jonesy tends to investigate cases using his gut instinct rather than by following police protocol, and it's this characteristic that has Tess keeping a close eye on her new charge.

"He's a bit of a rascal," Caroline says, "He tends to go off and do his own thing, which really annoys Tess—especially since he's only a probationary constable. But I think Tess will bring him into line."

"Jonesy tends to go at things like a bull to a red rag," Ditch says, "Sometimes he's right and sometimes he's wrong. He's a very bold and driven character, and he's very instinctive in work and life."

Yet despite their obvious differences of opinion at work, Caroline also admits that Tess does have a soft spot for Jonesy.

"She is attracted to him—she doesn't want to be but she can't help it. It's a definite case of opposites attract. But she's also just been badly burned by Jack [Lawson, played by Rupert Reid], so I don't think she's ready to get involved with anyone just yet. Whether that changes, we'll just have to see."

Whether Tess and Jonsey will get together is open at this stage, but Caroline says there's still plenty of sexual tension between all three characters.

"There's definitely a spark between Tess and Jonesy and, of course, Jo is pretty keen on him as well, so there's heaps of tension between the three of them. So, all this tension makes for really good drama and as an actor it's a lot of fun to play." 

While Jane agrees the tension between the three has been fun on set, she warns viewers not to expect too much jealous rivalry between the girls.

"Jo and Tess have spent a bit of time together and in a away they're closer now. There's a bond there. They will always have their differences of opinion, but their relationship has changed from the early days of Tess's arrival when they were constantly at each other's throats," Jane says.

"Tess knows that Jo likes Jonesy and that's fine," Caroline adds, "She's really not ready to be involved with anyone just yet."

By Erin Craven
TV Week
Week of July 29, 2001
Photo: Andy Tavares