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Logies cop-out lifts Wood

THE bridesmaid of Australian television, John Wood, is hotly tipped to receive his 10th Gold Logie nomination tomorrow.

The irony of possibly winning TV's most coveted award when he is no longer on television has not escaped the Blue Heelers star.

"The one year that I no longer have a television show is the most likely year for me to win the damn thing," Wood said.

"The great thing is that for 10 years in a row I have been one of the five most popular people on television and you'd have to feel pretty good about that."

Reflecting on the possibility of winning, Wood said it would also be testament to the popularity of Blue Heelers.

"I feel very proud of the legacy we have left with Heelers and it's a great achievement," he said.

"There are 10 episodes to go and some of them are among the best work we have done."

But he also had mixed feelings about the prospect of winning the Gold this year.

"It doesn't really matter winning a popularity award doesn't say your work is good or bad," he said.

"You could be a terrible actor and still win."

The first episode in the final series, after a 12-year run, was aired last night and the final will be seen on June 10.

Though Wood was despondent when the show was axed last December, he has not been idle and is rehearsing Steven Sewell's new play, It Just Stopped.

"I agreed to do this play before Blue Heelers was cancelled and I'm actually pleased that I'm not doing the show now because it would have been extremely hard to do both," he said.

He is now concentrating on theatre, but has already auditioned for some TV roles, though none were for dramas.

"I'm very unhappy for the industry that the only drama made in Melbourne now is Neighbours," he said.

The 2006 TV Week Logie Awards nominees will be announced tomorrow.

By Catherien Lambert
April 02, 2006
The Herald Sun