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Jane Alsop

Her surgeon father was working in England at the time of her birth and soon after they moved to the US for a few years. Upon returning to Melbourne the family settled in Mont Albert, where Jane spent her child and adolescent years.

For as long as she can remember, drama has been an interest for Jane. She began drama classes at the tender age of nine. 'It has always been a part of my life, everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew it felt right for me,' she said.

At age 13 Jane auditioned for a Wedgewood Pie commercial and got it. This acting caper seemed easy… but it would be three years before she landed another job.

After secondary school Jane began an Arts Degree, but she soon discovered it wasn't her calling and dropped out. Then in 1995 she started a Visual and Performing Arts Degree at the Victorian College of the Arts. This was more to Jane's taste and she completed the degree in 1998.

While at the VCA Jane also gained several guest roles in many television programs including Neighbours, Blue Heelers, State Coroner, Halifax F.P. and Kangaroo Palace.

During 1998 and early 1999 Jane turned her attention to drama teaching before successfully auditioning for the role of Constable Jo Parrish in the Seven Network's hit drama Blue Heelers. She began work on the show in May 1999 and Jane describes it as 'a life-changing break'.

Ironically Jane had auditioned for the role of Constable Dash McKinley in Blue Heelers three years earlier. She got down to the last few actors before the part was given to Tasma Walton.

'I feel privileged to get up and go to a job I love,' Jane said. 'Blue Heelers is not just highly regarded publicly, but is known for its quality acting, writing and production values.'

Jane says her speciality is television and film and she has even written a film she hopes to 'get off the ground one day'.

'I've always been into the creative side of things–creative writing, painting, acting.'

Jane's other passion is horse riding. She has owned a horse called Jellybean' since she was 13 years old, but recently leased him out because her workload on Blue Heelers left little time to ride and look after him.

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