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It's all over: A scene from the last episode of Blue Heelers.

Heelers bids a gentle farewell

MELBOURNE viewers can bid a fond farewell to home-grown police drama Blue Heelers on Sunday, June 4, when the 510th and final episode goes to air.

But, as our sneak preview photograph indicates, the Seven Network series will not end in a hail of bullets or a bomb explosion.

"We didn't want to blow everyone up," producer Gus Howard said. "It is a gentle grounding. It felt like the right thing to do."

When the final episode was made, the future of the show had not been settled.

"We didn't know whether we were going to be renewed," Howard said.

"Although it was done in a way so we pick things up if we came back, it ties up the loose ends -- the crime is solved, the station is closed."

The episode also brings some closure for Tom Croydon, played by Gold Logie winner John Wood. And there is an unexpected twist involving disgraced copper Adam Cooper (Damian Walshe Howling).

By Garry Williams
May 21, 2006
The Herald Sun