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Farewell Maggie Doyle

After six year as Constable Maggie Doyle, golden girl Lisa McCune is about to leave her Blue Heelers days behind her.

Lisa's practically grown up on national television—from the fresh faced girl in the Coles advertisement—to the popular Maggie Doyle—who would have thought the culmination of her three year romance with PJ Hasham (Martin Sacks) would end up at the altar!

This three time gold-Logies winner claims spending the larger part of her twenties as Maggie has enabled both the actor and the character to have grown. The success of Maggie is largely due to the charm Lisa exudes—Maggie is a great role model for young girls—through her realistic portrayal of life and ambitious nature.

There will be mixed emotions for viewers and the Blue Heelers cast as Mt Thomas's favourite daughter moves out...

Maggie's three year romance with PJ has finally ended up at the altar. But just when the altar is finally in sight, Maggie's past comes crashing back to unsettle her happiness, demanding to be resolved once and for all—an uncertain future. With her wedding day looming the preparations are shadowed by Maggies' quest to crack the drug ring that killed her brother— now her life is put in real danger. She fronts the trial of bent copper Barry Craig on tenterhooks—her testimony is crucial to win a conviction. Fearing for his life, Craig offers Maggie a deal she can't refuse—the names of each player for his safe incarceration. Maggie soon realises that she may have gone too far, but it's too late. Despite warnings Maggie determined to uncover the corruption , puts both herself and PJ in danger The calling card they've been dreading is delivered and Maggie and PJ are trapped inside her home as it explodes into Flames. Maggie is faced with tough decisions, at the time in her life which is supposed to be so blissful, she has to push her feelings aside to address the demons, to ensure her sanity.

Lisa's departure from Blue Heelers has been one of the most anticipated television events of 2000, surprisingly one of the industries best kept secrets. Don't miss the Blue Heelers season premiere as we say goodbye to Maggie Doyle forever.

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