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Ditch Davey

Ditch Davey

Ditch Davey may have spent years pounding the pavement seeking his big acting break, but his movie-star name might lead some to believe he was destined for the spotlight. This 25-year-old graduate of WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) earned his acting stripes playing minor characters, guest roles and appearing in television ads.

After finishing his education two years ago, he headed back to his hometown of Sydney, and spent the next four months doing up to seven auditions per week. Eventually he scored a role as the beefcake in a chewing gum ad.

"After working for three years with amazing directors and being trained for theatre, here I was making an ad!" marvels Ditch.

For extra motivation, he went out and bought a copy of A Whore's Profession by David Mamet (Hannibal, Wag The Dog, State and Main).

"It's a whole bunch of essays about his life and holding on to your art, despite having to earn money to live," Ditch says.

He persevered, and over the next couple of years landed roles in Water Rats, Above the Law, All Saints, the US series Flipper, and the recent Seven miniseries Do or Die.

Ditch also starred in an adaptation of a German play that explored sexuality, religion, suicide, abortion and rape, and travelled with the production around Catholic schools in rural New South Wales. "If at least one person walked out of the room thinking it's okay that I feel this way and I don't have to take my own life, then I'm happy," says Ditch.

When the audition came up for Evan Jones on Blue Heelers, Ditch knew he faced stiff competition. "Everyone was going for it. They knew it was for a regular role and every actor wanted it."

But three auditions later, Ditch's determination finally paid off and he snagged the role of Jonesy. He did, however, have to make some changes: not only did he quit his job as a part-time barman in Sydney and move to Melbourne, he was required to shear his long blonde surfie hair into the regulation police buzzcut.

He plays Probationary Constable Evan Jones, or Jonesy, a late starter when it comes to the police force. After spending most of his 20s living a nomadic existence - working on an oil rig, in a diamond mine and even as a gravedigger in Broome - Jonesy has decided to settle in one place. At 28, after graduating from the police academy, he is posted to Mt Thomas where he is bound to create waves thanks to his larrikin antics and charismatic nature.

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