Creator: Barbara Vernon
Executive Producer: James Davern

Aired: Aug 28, 1967 - Dec 23, 1977 (ABC)

Set in a small Victorian rural township, Bellbird was Australia's first successful soap opera; the show's ratings were modest but it had a devoted following, especially in rural Australia. During its 10 year run, 15 minute episodes of Bellbird screened from Monday through to Thursday nights during the lead in to the 7 pm evening news bulletin. In 1976 the series was screened as one one-hour episode each week, before switching to three half-hour installments per week during its final season. The series was produced at the ABC's Melbourne studios in Elsternwick, with some location work done in the Victorian country town of Daylesford.

15 min (episodes 1-1508), 60 min (eps 1509-1562), 30 min (eps 1563-1697)
Maurie FieldsJohn Quinney
Carl BleazbyColonel Jim Emerson
Lynette CurranRhoda Lang
Elspeth BallantyneLori Chandler
Gerda NicolsonFiona Davies
Peter AanensenJim Bacon
Carmel MillhouseMarge Bacon
Moira CharletonOlive Turner
Terry NorrisJoe Turner
Robin RamsayCharlie Cousens
Penne Hackforth-JonesGinny Hill
Ian SmithRussell Ashwood
Anne PhelanKate Murray
Dennis MillerConstable Des Davies
Michael PrestonFather John Kramer
Gabrielle HartleyMaggie Emerson
Tom OliverTom Grey
Sean ScullyRon Wilson
Brian JamesIan Bennett
John StantonLeo Hill
Rod MullinarScott Leighton
Maggie MillarGeorgia Moorhouse
Sheila FloranceDossie Rumsey
Brian HannanRoger Greene
Anne CharlestonWendy Robinson
Louise PhilipChistine Jackson
Patsy KingKate Andrews
Alan HopgoodMatthew Reed
Meg MorrisLaura Chandler
Charles TingwellPaul Hadfield
 cast photo

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