BeastMaster: episode guide

The Hunter


Episode 3.12
Written by Peter Lauterman
Directed by Mark Piper

King Zad needs Dar's help to stop the evil spirit of a ruthless ruler who is murdering the citizens of Xinca.

Guest Starring: Tasma Walton as Caro

With: Capkin Van Alphen as Bolak

Turned to Stone


Episode 3.13
Written by Sarah Dodd
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Determined to rescue his brother, Dar risks death to fulfill three daunting tasks for the spiteful demon Yamira.

Guest Starring: Peta Sergeant as Yamira, Bianca Biasi as Elkar

With: Simon Watts as Dar's brother

The Choice


Episode 3.14
Written by David Tynan
Directed by Steven Grives

The Sorceress, yearning for her love, Sharak, to be returned to his human form, makes a deal with Balcifer which threatens Dar's quest.

Guest Starring: Mel Rogan as Callista, Krissie Steen as Kama

With: Daniel Fitzgerald as Sharak



Episode 3.15
Written by Gillian Horvath
Directed by Brendan Maher

Dar discovers that the key to his quest lies hidden away in the archives of the legendary Order of Vella.

Guest Starring: Ivar Kants as Slythius, Victor Parascos as Kerik, Jacinta Stapleton as Ilira, Shanyn Asmar as Vella,

With: Jean Marc Russ as Tarbok, Katrina Burns as Girl #1, Angela Mogridge as Girl #2, Jessica Levitt as Girls #3

The Alliance


Episode 3.16
Written by Edwina Follows
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Tao discovers a symbol on a scroll indicating an arranged marriage agreement for Dar and the daughter of King Astarte, King Eldar's friend.

Guest Starring: Gigi Edgley as Talia, Tim Campbell as Galen

With: Brett Arthur as Assassin

The Trial


Episode 3.17
Written by Sarad Dodd
Directed by Ian Thorburn

Accused of evading his promise to protect the animals, Dar is brought to trial by Curupira's sister, the powerful nature demon, Manaka. [another clip show]

Guest Starring: Isla Fisher as Manaka

The Devil You Know


Episode 3.18
Written by Tony Difranco
Directed by Brendan Maher

Callista vows to win the favor of Balcifer by convincing Dar's brother, Sendar, to stake his claim on Eldar's throne.

Guest Starring: Mel Rogan as Callista, Simon Watts as Sendar

With: Krissie Steen as Kama

Double Edged


Episode 3.19
Written by Edwina Follows
Directed by Colin Budds

Zad learns the identity of the sword maker who forged the Sword of Eldar, and orders him to make a Sword of Balcifer.

Guest Starring: Kristy Wright as Bianna, Robert Mammone as Arnath

With: Gerard Kennedy as Nessis, Marco Sinigaglia as Villager #1, Kane Sarota as Villager #2.

Rites of Passage


Episode 3.20
Written by Sarah Dodd
Directed by Pino Amenta

Dar faces his biggest test yet in his struggle to defeat the Lord of Darkness.

Guest Starring: Marc Singer as Dartanus, Brooke Satchwell as Rhana

With: Nicole McLachlan as Beautiful Young Woman, Brian Carroll as Rebel

End Game


Episode 3.21
Written by David Tynan
Directed by Colin Budds

Dar learns about the three signs that will foretell the start of his last challenge, and he begins to prepare himself for the end of his quest.

Guest Starring: Marc Singer as Dartanus, Jeremy Callaghan as Balcifer

With: Sue Mulcahy as Dar's Mother, Holly Baldwin as Beautiful Child, Amber Hoy as Harem Girl, Joan Hutton as Old Woman

A New Dawn


Episode 3.22 (series finale)
Written by Charles Lazer
Directed by Pino Amenta

Zad and his knights ambush Dar and Tao, who are searching for the key to the Crystal Ark.

Guest Starring: Marc Singer as Dartanus, Ivar Kants as Slythius

With: Jaala Webster as Meer-ahn, Jeremy Callaghan as Balcifer, Sue Mulcahy as Dar's Mother, Louisa Crawford as Lycia, Simon Watts as Sendar