A Southern Star production for ABC TV

Executive Producer/Producer: Errol Sullivan
Executive Producer for ABC TV: Geoff Portmann
Creator/Co-Producer/Head Writer: Ian David
Directed by: Cate Shortland and David Caesar

Aired: November 25, 2002 - January 06, 2003

A comedy from Ian David (Blue Murder) about the working lives of plainclothes detectives Red Lilywhite and Lou Knutt who work in an outer suburban police station in Sydney. Keeping the peace on the streets and always a piece of the action for themselves, Red and Lou are completely uninterested in actually solving crimes. Their relationships with crims and other members of the general public serve only to benefit themselves. In the face of new style policing, internal affairs enquiries and corruption commissions, they are the fat blue line.
Michael CatonDetective Red Lilywhite
Daniel WyllieDetective Lou Knutt
Helen ThomsonTracey Lafever
Christopher HobbsSlim Azzopardi
Daniel Wylie, Michael Caton