Australian Directors Guild Awards

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The inaugural 2007 Australian Directors Guild Award winners were announced October 14, 2007

Outstanding achievement in Feature Film

  • Darren Ashton, Razzle Dazzle
  • Cherie Nowlan, Clubland
  • Matthew Saville, Noise
  • Kriv Stenders, Boxing Day

ADG/DGA Finders Screening Award

  • Tony Ayres, The Home Song Stories
  • Michael James Rowland, Lucky Miles
  • Kriv Stenders, Boxing Day
  • Dee McLachlan, The Jammed

Best Direction in a Documentary - Series/Factual Entertainment/Natural History

  • Russell Vines, Eco House Challenge Episode 1
  • Catherine Marciniak, Life at 1
  • Alan Lindsay, Air Australia Episode 1
  • John Stainton, Ocean's Deadliest

Best Direction in a Documentary - Stand Alone

  • Mark Gould, The Winner's Guide to the Nobel Peace Prize (Special Mention)
  • Kim Mordaunt, Bomb Harvest
  • Chris Tuckfield, In Our Name
  • David Bradbury, Raul the Terrible
  • Tom Zubryckin, Temple of Dreams

Best Direction in a Music Video

  • David Barker, Get up Outta the Dirt - Butterfingers
  • Morgan Christie, Nothing Lasts Forever - The Living End
  • Paul Goldman and Alice Bell, Straight Lines - Silverchair

Best Direction in a Short Film

  • Anthony Maras, Spike Up
  • Nash Edgerton, Spider
  • Tori Garrett, The Barrows
  • Erin White, Dugong

Best Direction in a Student Short Film

  • Rebecca Parker, This Girl in the Desert
  • Dean Francis, Vermin
  • Julius Avery, End of Town

Career Achievement Award for First Assistant Director

  • Philip Hearnshaw

Best Direction in a Telemovie

  • Jessica Hobbs, Curtin
  • Ray Quint, Bastard Boys
  • Matthew Saville, The King

Best Direction in a Television Comedy

  • Tony Rogers, Wilfred Ep 6
  • Will Usic, Stupid Stupid Man 'A very very private function'

Best Direction in a Television Series (Periodical)

  • Ian Watson, Tripping Over, Episode 6
  • Graeme Burfoot, Two Twisted 'Call Back'
  • Kate Dennis, Love My Way 'Cars Without Brakes'
  • Peter Andrikidis, Blackjack 'Ace Point Game'

Best Direction in a Television Series (On Going)

  • Tony Krawitz, All Saints Ep 393 'Precious Moments'
  • Richard Jasek, McLeod's Daughters Episode 177
  • Peter Fisk, All Saints Episode 380 'The Hearts of Men'

Best Direction in a Television Commercial: Visual Narrative

  • Sean Meehan, Saboteur (MS Society)
  • Richard Gibson, Liquid Freedom ( Vodafone)
  • Damien Toogood, Go Places (CPA)
  • Julius Avery, Connex for Cancer (Connex)

Best Direction in a Television Commercial: Performance

  • Sean Meehan, Children See, Children Do, (NAPCAN)
  • Julius Avery, Double Bus (TAC)
  • Sean Byrne, Barry Hall ( Ford)