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Kate Fischer

A perfect patient

'I'M JUST a dag and I spend most nights at home by myself," says luscious actor Kate Fischer, who is flying back to Los Angeles today after completing three episodes of All Saints.

Fischer had such a great response to her character (who was molested as an adolescent by her GP) that she has had women coming up to her to tell her about their own experiences.

"It's a great privilege to be able to do something like that," she said. "Actors take on the role of storytellers in society, opening up a forum for ideas and comment."

The role went over so well that she could well make a comeback in the next series of All Saints.

In the meantime, the reformed party girl is heading back to LA to look for work after spending so many years there studying acting.

"I have a great team around me now, including an excellent manager and an entertainment lawyer, and I'm really excited about the prospects of advancing my career," she said.

It is perhaps ironic that Fischer was back in Australia at the time when her former fiance, James Packer, announced that he had separated from his fashion designer wife, Jodhi.

Fischer refuses to be drawn on the subject of her own split from James, although it is known that she always has a special place for him in her heart.

The break-up was naturally a very confronting time for her, but at least it gave her the impetus to leave Australia to pursue her acting ambitions.

And although there has been much speculation in the press that her settlement from Packer was approaching $10 million, close friends say it wasn't anywhere near that figure.

Despite the fact that she has been linked to several interesting people since then, there is no-one in her life at present.

"I have a king-sized bed but one half of it is always filled with scripts and books and magazines," she revealed.

"My South American cleaning lady is horrified because she says that there is absolutely no room for a man in my life."

Recently, Fischer worked on a Steven Seagal film being shot in Poland and took the opportunity to spend a weekend in Moscow, which she has now declared one of sexiest, most exciting cities in the world.

"The men were incredible," she said, "and I had three marriage proposals a day from really interesting people.

"I'm taking all my girlfriends and we're heading back there to have some fun."

She is looking forward to the release of Black+White magazine in a few weeks ? it will feature her scantily clad on the cover and in a demure portrait inside by acclaimed artist David Bromley.

July 07, 2002
The Daily Telegraph