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TV favourite makes a comeback!

Anne Tenney, who found fame as Molly Jones on popular series A Country Practice, is starring in a new show! Anne will play Liz Taylor in the upcoming series Always Greener. This light-hearted drama revolves around two families, the Taylors and the Todds, who decide to see how the 'other half live'.

The Taylors are city dwellers who dream of an easier lifestyle in the country while the Todds live on a farm and have always wondered how they would cope in the big smoke. The families decide to swap houses and learn much more than they had anticipated! Always Greener also stars Seachange actor John Howard (he plays John Taylor) and is coming soon on Channel Seven.

August 07, 2001


Anne Tenney

Anne Tenney, who plays Liz Taylor on Seven's new drama Always Greener, is one of Australia's most acclaimed female actors. She's appeared regularly on some of the country's top-rating series—as well as the hit movie The Castle. Now she's welcomed back to Seven.

Anne's character, Liz, is the guiding light to her three children, Marissa, Jason and Kim. And, not surprisingly, Anne's extensive acting experience means she's a role model for and mentor to the respective young actors: Michala Banas, Daniel Bowden and Natasha Lee.

Of Anne's extensive experience, Always Greener producer Jo Porter says: "It's great to have actors of the calibre of John Howard and Anne Tenney, who all the young cast can look up to. They're so professional. It sets a great tone."

While in recent years it's the role of Sal Kerrigan in The Castle that people remember Anne for, she first won acclaim and recognition for her portrayal of Molly Jones in another hit Channel Seven series, A Country Practice. The episode in which Molly lost her battle with leukaemia is one of the most memorable scenes in Australian television—and it earned Anne a Silver Logie in 1984 for Most Popular Actress.

Anne says she was thrilled to find out she would be playing Liz Taylor. She has lauded the writers of Always Greener for producing a high-quality show, and has also heaped praise on her co-stars.

"I feel we are very comfortable together," says Anne of actor John Howard, who plays her on-screen husband. "The scripted relationship is a very comfortable one".

In between A Country Practice and Always Greener, Anne has worked continuously in theatre, film and television, including roles in Water Rats, GP, Brides of Christ, Fire, Murder Call, Big Sky and Police Rescue.

By Veronica Sywak