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Georgie Shew

From soapie dork to Lady Godiva

GEORGIE Shew plays country stunner Katy Turnbull in Always Greener. The undisputed belle of Inverness, Turnbull is used to breaking hearts with her flirtatious glance.

Shew, on the other hand, is not.

Her last semi-regular role was in Home and Away where she played the unlucky-in-love Tasha Mills.

"That character was a dork," Shew says simply.

So auditioning for the role of a sexy young thing in Always Greener was quite a turnaround.

"The character breakdown I was given said I was a 'rural Kirsten Dunst' and I must say I was struggling to work out how I could possibly be like her," Shew says.

"But I've got blonde hair."

We soon find out she's got more than that.

As the object of affection for 16-year-old Jason Taylor (Daniel Bowden) she appears in some particularly revealing dream sequences.

In episode one the slinky blonde struts down a country lane wearing nothing but red lingerie.

In a later episode she is seen riding a horse while wearing nothing at all.

"The totally naked bit wasn't actually me," Shew says.

"Because it was hard to control the horse they used a double. I can ride, but hitting the marks and being naked probably would have been too much for me."

If the horse wasn't involved Shew says it is highly likely she would have got the gear off.

"It's all fun, those sort of scenes," Shew says.

"It's all part of the job. When you have to kiss someone you don't know (on screen) for the first time that's awfully scary but the second time it's not so bad and nude scenes are like that."

Allison White
September 06, 2001
The Courier Mail