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Grant Bowler returns to acting with a juicy role in Always Greener.

Grant Bowler is the kind of actor who always likes to keep his fans and the general television audience guessing. And let's face it—he's done a pretty good job of that so far in his career.

After rising to fame in Blue Heelers, Grant starred in productions like Medivac, Close Contact and On The Beach. Then, last year, he turned up as the host of the TV WEEK Logie-winning reality series The Mole.

What could he possibly do next? The truth is out there…on Sunday nights! Grant has joined the cast of the Seven Network's critically acclaimed new drama series Always Greener as army engineer Greg Steele.

As the neighbour of John and Liz Taylor (John Howard and Anne Tenney), Greg makes an immediate impression on things.

"He's an interesting character," Grant explains. "As a kid, Greg was headed either for the army or the lock-up, so he went into the army and found all the discipline he needed. Then he fell in love and married—but sadly, his wife died after a protracted battle with cancer.

"As a result, he's the epitome of a man who has shut down all his emotions. Any kind of surface relationship is fantastic with Greg, but he falls apart with any form of intimacy. Still, you wouldn't know it. On the outside, he's charming and witty—a man's man and a lady killer. He is the Liberace of Glebe…or the Tom Jones!"

Greg is also the father of a teenage boy named Mickey (Clayton Watson). Desperate to see his dad happy, Mickey is pleased when widow Sandra Todd (Caitlin McDougall) is set to trade houses with John and Liz. Greg is attracted to Sandra, but will his emotional baggage get in the way?

Like other members of the Always Greener cast, the quality of the scripts convinced Grant to take on the role.

"I always love playing characters that display internal discipline," he adds. "It's not something that I necessarily exhibit all the time myself, but I do believe that whenever you find rigidity there is a flaw. And that's the case with Greg."

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