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City girl just a little bit country

BREE Walters and Philippa Todd are self-confessed tomboys who share a happy disposition and optimistic outlook.

But Walters, the 21-year-old actor who plays 15-year-old Philippa in Always Greener, is quick to point out their main difference.

She is a "city chick", while Pip will always be a country girl at heart.

Pip, her mum Sandra and brother Campbell have swapped homes with their city relatives in Always Greener, a drama with a splash of comedy.

Born and bred in the country, Pip and Cam have to come to terms with life in a city school, while Sandra chases a job in real estate.

A drama and media student at Deakin University, Walters couldn't believe her luck when she won the role of Pip after three auditions.

But she also had to make some rapid changes in her life.

"I got a call to say I had the job a week before we had to be in Sydney for filming," she says. "So, Michala (Banas), Scott (Major) and myself drove from Melbourne to Sydney, convoy-style, and Michala and I decided to live together in Sydney."

Walters learnt a lot about country people on brief trips to her grandma's.

"People in the country are extremely honest," she says. "They all have this real politeness and extreme openness, and that's what Pip is like."

November 14, 2001
Herald Sun