Alvin Purple: episode guide

A Million Reasons (Part 1)

Episode 1


A Million Reasons (Part 2)

Episode 2


Like Son, Like Father

Episode 3



Episode 4


The Postman

Episode 5


Purple Stork

Episode 6


With: Julie Hamilton as Doctor, Dave Whitford as Fred

The Hustled

Episode 7


With: Briony Behets as Pam, Chantal Contouri as Christine, Frankie Davidson as Chassa, John Ewart as Mack

Have A Go, Rod

Episode 8


Rhythm Method

Episode 9


With: Tina Bursill as Bernice, Kate Ferguson as Fay, Donald MacDonald as Harry, John Krummel as Conductor, Lorna Lesley as Orchestra, Kathy Troutt as Orchestra

Footy Widow

Episode 10


With: Noeline Brown as Iris Temple, John Ewart as Sos Temple, Nigel Lovell as Dad, Judy Lynne as Meryl Sugars

O, Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Episode 11


With: Jeff Ashby as Harry, Belinda Giblin as Monique, Judy Morris as Sophie, Lisa Peers as Pedetta

London Derriere

Episode 12


With: Lynette Curran as Fan, Kevin Golsby as JB, Jude Kuring as Eve, Kate Sheil as Sally, Roger Ward as Chicka, Piero von Arnim as Norm

Ciao Alvin

Episode 13