Produced by Crawford Productions

Producer: Alan Hardy
Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Bradley, Terry Stapleton
Writers: Colin Free, Gwenda Marsh, Vince Moran, Peter Yeldham
Directors: George Miller, Pino Amenta

Aired: October 10 - 24, 1983

Philadelphia Gordon's life is turned upside down when she is shipwrecked and orphaned off the coast of Victoria in 1892. She spends most of her life around Echuca, on the Murray River, and invests some of her inheritance in a paddle-wheeled riverboat. Her life is forever changed when she meet frontier paddleboat captain Brenton Edwards, a cavalier river-man. It is the beginning for Philadelphia of a remarkable 10 years in her life. Her investment in the riverboat is, without her knowing it, the first step towards a turbulent marriage to a riverboat man and, indeed, to the boats that ply their great trade along the mighty, unpredictable and perilous river. Based on the book by Nancy Cato.
Sigrid ThorntonPhiladelphia Gordon
John WatersBrenton Edwards
Diane CraigMiss Barrett
Charles TingwellUncle Charles
Dinah ShearingAnne Hester
William UpjohnAdam
Gus MercurioTom Critchley
Judith MasseyAnnie
Cliff EllenElijah
Margo McLennanAunt Miriam
Maureen EdwardsAunt Agnes
Tom TraversBank Manager
Jeffrey HodgsonSolicitor
Constance LansbergBessie Griggs
Alan HardyReverend Polson
Di O'ConnorMrs. Griggs
Frank GallacherMac
Darius PerkinsBen
Don BridgesUseless
Darryl PellizzerJoe
John AlansuAh Lee
Roy BaldwinMr. Hamilton
Mary Ann FaheyHilda
Adrian WrightAlastair Raeburn
Chantal ContouriJulia
Celia De BurghImogen
Kirk AlexanderJim
Michael CarmanAlby
Lloyd MorrisJeremy
Don BarkerGeorge Blakeney
Caroline GillmerMabel Blakeney
Roger StephenSteve Farrell
Sydney JacksonDavid Young
Steven CumminsMinister
Carol BurnsMrs. Slope
Nick WatersMr. Slope
Betty LucasJanet Raeburn
Vivean GrayAlicia Raeburn
Graham DowCaptain Jacobsen
Lloyd CunningtonJack Wallace
Steven TandyRobert
Nicholas BrownGordon
Ernie BourneBoat Builder
Peter FinlayVince
Sam HammingtonGordon
Harold BaigentExamining Skipper
Vic GordonExamining Skipper
Reg GormanExamining Skipper

Producers: Alan Hardy, Vince Smits, Helen Watts
Executive Producers: Ian Bradley, Hector Crawford
Writer: Vincent Moran
Director: John Power

Aired: 1990 (4hr miniseries)

Brenton Edwards continues to pilot the Philadelphia riverboat around Echuca, one of the biggest port cities in Australia. Edwards makes the acquaintance of Cyrus James, an American relocated to Australia, and soon James becomes his partner in the riverboat business. However, not all goes well for them; after shipping and tourism in Echuca goes into a downturn, Edwards is sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit, and James rallies to keep their business afloat and Brenton's family together as they all search for a way to prove Edwards is innocent.
John WatersBrenton
Nikki CoghillDelie
Parker StevensonCyrus
Charles TingwellCharles
John JacobsSid
John AlansuAh Lee
Sudi De WinterGordon
Kahli SneddonMeg
Eric McKibbinBrenny
Tim RobinsonBackwell
Gil TuckerHopkins
Alan FletcherMcLean
Jon ConcannonBates
Michele FawdonRuth
Tony HawkinsMelville
Peta ToppanoEunice
David CameronEnright
Conor McDermottroePaddy
Roderick WilliamsBullet
Reg EvansSpecs
Marijke MannMrs Lorimer
Margaret PeermanMiss Prentice
Roz De WinterReluctant Customer
Giordano GanglGrocer
Christopher StevensonMcCormack
Keith KaySnowy
Ross WilliamsConductor
Mike BishopGrainger
Shane McNamaraRiley
Colin BatrouneyReed
Andrew GilmourShipping Agent
Bruce KilpatrickHarry
David RavenswoodDivine
James ShawJimmy
John McCallPeewit
John MurphyMagistrate
Les TothOscar
Mark WilliamsLarsen
Michael GleesonEnzo
Mike NikolMontana Mauler
Shayne GreenmanDeck Hand
Stephen HallYoung Constable

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