The Adventures of Blinky Bill: episode guide

Series 1 - The Adventures of Blinky Bill


Blinky Bill and his friends rebuild the buildings and the community in Greenpatch, following its destruction by humans. They also come to terms with their new neighbours, the ill-famed Dingo family.

Blinky Bill's Favourite Cafe

Episode 1.01

Blinky and his friends try to help a depressed Mr. Gloop by getting Mayor Pelican to rebuild his cafe. But the dingoes hinder the plan to get a place for Dingoes instead. With Wombo's help, Bunyup Day provides a perfect opportunity for Blinky to get the cafe opened for this occasion.

Blinky Bill's Fire Brigade

Episode 1.02

After the new school is constructed a storm comes and starts fires around the ground. Realising the danger, Blinky and his friends form a fire brigade. When mishaps occur the fire brigade seems like trouble, but they come to Blinky and Myrtle's rescue when a bush fire starts.

Blinky Rescues the Budgie

Episode 1.03

At Ms. Pym's general store, Blinky and his friends take her pet budgie Cedric thinking he's in need of freedom. Cedric tries to enjoy his new yet inadequate experience, which causes inconvenience for Greenpatch. Eventually Cedric decides to rejoin Ms. Pym.

Blinky Bill's Fund Run

Episode 1.04

On Blinky's suggestion, Mayor Pelican starts up a Fund Run marathon to raise money for rebuilding a hospital. The Dingoes seize that event for the money. Blinky and his friends train hard for the race and avoid the Dingoes' cheating, resulting in Marcia as the winner.

Blinky Bill the Teacher

Episode 1.05

Tired of school, Blinky humiliates Ms. Magpie in front of school Inspector Fox. With Ms. Magpie out, the Inspector gives the teaching position to Blinky. Blinky proves to be a tiresome teacher and the job is harder than he thought. With that, Blinky persuades Ms. Magpie to come back.

Blinky and the Red Car

Episode 1.06

Blinky and his friends see Mr. Possum's red car and compete against the Dingoes in a job hunting scheme to earn the money to buy it.

Blinky breaks through the Drought

Episode 1.07

Blinky helps Mrs Rabbit grow carrots to cut down her expenses. The dingoes swipe some carrots from the garden for personal profit, but having failed to get away with it, they dam off Greenpatch's water supply. Blinky and his friends get Flap to dig up the dam.

Blinky Save's Granny's Glasses

Episode 1.08

The dingoes, while cycling smash Granny Grunty's glasses. To replace them, Blinky and his friends start a stage performance to raise the money they need. The dingoes try to steal the show, giving the play a new twist and Blinky successfully gets the necessary money for new glasses.

Blinky Bill's Ghost Cave

Episode 1.09

The Rabbit family is homeless and losing their things. Blinky finds a cave, ideal for the rabbits to move into, except something creepy is inside. Blinky and Nutsy find out the dingoes have been taking the rabbits' things and scaring them, so Blinky makes his own spook to drive them out.

Blinky Bill's Zoo

Episode 1.10

After Ms. Magpie teaches her class about humans and species, a lost little girl becomes Blinky and the others' interest to house her in a zoo of their own. In trying to teach her tricks, Jacko, Splodge, Flap get injuries. Soon the girl leaves the bush by a passing helicopter.

Blinky and the Magician

Episode 1.11

Blinky and his friends meet the magician El Diablo and become his assistants after letting the animals out. El Diablo is actually Danny Dingo keeping Greenpatch out of the way whilst Meatball steals the town's food. As Blinky and the others disrupt the show, they blow the dingoes scheme.

Detective Blinky

Episode 1.12

Blinky and Splodge turn detective when all the Mulgar Berries in Greenpatch mysteriously disappear.

Blinky and the Heart of the Tree

Episode 1.13

Wombo tells Blinky the story of an old tree and a young Koala with a flute against an evil Dingo queen.

Blinky and the Strange Koala

Episode 1.14

A black and white Koala is being held at the Local Zoo and Blinky and his friends sneak in to release it. It is actually a Panda from China and is due to be shipped back there. Blinky manages to prevent a serious mix up from happening.

Blinky Bill's Gold Mine

Episode 1.15

Blinky makes a claim to mine for gold. Blinky then tricks Danny into buying his faulty mining spot, with Marcia's Mother's precious necklace.

Blinky and the Film Star

Episode 1.16

The dingoes shoot a bank robbing film. The leading star Daisy attracts a lot of attention and makes Blinky, Flap and Splodge lovestruck. Marcia and Nutsy discover the acting is just a cover for an actual robbery. Blinky disguises himself as a girl and thwarts the robbery during the filming.

Blinky Bill's Treasue Hunt

Episode 1.17

Wombo tells Blinky about the legend of Captain Moonbeam's treasure and the gang decide to look for it underground. The Dingoes steal the treasure chest but are less than pleased when the actually treasure is revealed to be old bean cans.

Blinky Bill and Club Pet

Episode 1.18

A new tourist resort is build in town before the hospital could be built. However it is attracting Feral Cats who are eating the local wildlife.

Blinky Leads the Gang

Episode 1.19

An Election takes place for gang leader between Blinky and Danny. Danny uses underhanded methods to win and Blinky and his friends are forced to come up with a plan to outwit him.

Blinky Bill finds Marcia Mouse

Episode 1.20

Feeling left out, Marcia tries a 'rebel' image and ends up in trouble at school for biting and rudeness. When she is grounded, she runs away from home. Blinky and Nutsy formulate a plan to get her to come back.

Blinky Bill and the Monster

Episode 1.21

Danny Dingo claims to Blinky and his friends that a monster dwells in a lake. Danny gets Meatball to be the monster in a film to deliver evidence to Blinky. However Flap fools the dingoes with his own monster.

Blinky Saves Twiggy

Episode 1.22

Blinky and his friends find a lost baby Echidna named Twiggy who is trying to find her mother. Blinky and his friends take good care of her while the search for her mother is on.

Mayor Blinky Bill

Episode 1.23

With many complaints against Mayor Pelican, he decides to lend the job to Blinky. While trying to build a river road, Blinky tries to keep everyone satisfied. The peak of a successful plan to build the road fails altogether and Blinky gives back position of mayor back to Pelican.

Who is Blinky Bill

Episode 1.24

A family of koalas come to Greenpatch for two days. Their son Algenon is a lookalike to Blinky but has a different personality. Blinky and Algenon swap their identities for a new experience, causing confusion for their parents and Ms. Magpie.

Blinky Bill's Mother's Day

Episode 1.25

Mother's Day arrives in Greenpatch and Nutsy is upset because she remembers her mother being killed when the town was destroyed. Shifty finds Nutsy's long-lost father who is suffering from memory loss.

Blinky Bill's Wedding Picnic

Episode 1.26

Blinky's Mother and Nutsy's father decide to get married and invite the whole town. Shifty breaks his leg while practicing dance steps, Blinky builds a wheelchair to help get Shifty to the wedding.

Series 2 - Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursion


Blinky Bill and his friends become lost while on a school excursion in the bush. Finding their way home across different parts of Australia, they have many adventures helping out other animals in need, including a crocodile, penguins and farm and circus animals.

Blinky Bill and the Hypnotist

Episode 2.01

Many adults in Greenpatch have colds. Blinky amuses himself with some hypnotism, causing confusion and chaos among the townspeople. Some troublesome Goannas pass Greenpatch, but Blinky tricks them with his hypnotism before he undoes the hypnotism he did to the town.

Blinky Bill and the Old Wombat's Home

Episode 2.02

Recently Mr. Wombat has been suffering backaches and moves to an elderly people's home. However the matron has very strict rules. Blinky and his gang prompt the old folks how to enjoy themselves and Mr. Wombat decides to go back home.

Blinky Bill and the Baby Show

Episode 2.03

Greenpatch is running a baby show. Blinky and his friends volunteer to babysit Mrs. Spotty's six babies and take them to baby show. When the biggest baby Rudolf goes missing, Flap unwilling takes his place. Mrs. Spotty finds Rudolf and as she goes to find Blinky, Blinky and his friends escape with the first prize.

Blinky Bill meets Mr. Echidna

Episode 2.04

Mrs. Echidna has finally had enough of Blinky's mischief and leaves to join her sister. Mrs. Echidna's absence allows termites to freely feed on Greenpatch's trees causing the birds to emigrate. Mrs. Echidna is too busy to return to Greenpatch, so Blinky persuades Mr. Echidna to come. Once the termite problem is taken care of, Mr. Koala arranges Mr. Echidna's wife to come.

Blinky Bill and the House Guest

Episode 2.05

A strong gale destroys Mayor Pelican's house. For the next two days Blinky has to put up with the mayor's stay at his place, which gets him in trouble plenty. When Mrs. Koala finds out he's been pooling her resources, she formulates a plan to teach him a lesson.

Blinky Bill and the Mysterious Pollution

Episode 2.06

As Blinky fails to style Splodge's hair, Daisy opens a Beauty Boutique. Something is making people develop green hair and black spots and Greenpatch suspects Daisy is the cause, but Blinky's investigation reveals that Danny's cosmetics machine has sprung a leak into the river.

Blinky Bill and the Blue Mystery

Episode 2.07

Some strange disappearances of blue items occur, but everyone thinks Blinky is behind them. Blinky's gang go detective to clear his name, but his attempts get him in even more trouble. Finally they find the shy Mr. Bower Bird took all those items to attract a mate.

Blinky Bill goes Camping

Episode 2.08

Ms. Magpie takes her class camping. Meanwhile Danny has his camping plans with Meatball. Blinky's gang do their dull camping work with some rewarding results. Danny and Meatball get washed away by a storm, but Blinky's gang saves them.

Blinky Bill and the Earthquake

Episode 2.09

Continuing their camping trip, Blinky's gang slip away to explore a mountain mine. They get trapped after a collapse. As they try to find a way out, a creepy Goanna frightens and chases them through tunnels and down a mine shaft in carts. Once outside the mine and down a river, Blinky's gang are very far and lost from Greenpatch.

Blinky Bill Down on the Farm

Episode 2.10

Blinky's gang, stumble across a farm which is guarded by robotic dogs and run by computers. The farm animals shun the outside world. Blinky's gang are soon on the run from Dr. Universe and Beanstalk and evade the robotic dogs and finally shut down the farm and release the animals into the outside.

Blinky Bill is Kidnapped

Episode 2.11

As Blinky and Marcia investigate cages, they are accidentally taken by a forest ranger. Along the way they are met by a possum named Slick. They soon unite with Nutsy, Shifty, Splodge and Flap. They finally hand themselves to the ranger, who was just taking them back to the bush.

Blinky Bill and the Lost Puppy

Episode 2.12

Blinky's gang find a lost puppy, who accompanies them in search of his home, Nutsy taking care of him. Blinky's gang trace Puppy's steps back to his house, while avoiding two pursuing dogs who were only sent to find Puppy. Finally Puppy finds his owner Annie.

Blinky Bill and the Winter's Tale

Episode 2.13

Blinky's gang find shelter in a mountain cabin with restless owls living in it. Blinky's gang tidy up and look after Mrs. Owl's babies. They are quite a handful at first, but Blinky makes good behaviour fun for them. Blinky does some skiing and brings Mr. Owl back with his family.

Blinky Bill and the Polar Bears

Episode 2.14

Blinky's gang are suddenly met by Boris a polar bear who left his human run homeland to come to Australia. Boris needs to find a good home and get his family out of the circus he travelled with, but then they receive a letter from their grandparents persuading them to return north.

Blinky Bill and the Lighthouse

Episode 2.15

Blinky's gang approach a lighthouse, which gives the penguins here an advantage over the Skewer family in fishing. Blinky's gang withstands Mrs. Skewer's unpleasantry, but when her son Suki is lost at the sea and rescued by Flap, she realises the importance of the Lighthouse.

Blinky Bill and the Apple Thieves

Episode 2.16

Shifty finds some apples in a farming acre and the family of the place believe Shifty to be the one stealing apples every night. Shifty gets caught in one the traps they set. After Blinky's gang rescue Shifty, they all thwart the thieves' final heist.

Blinky Bill and the Egg Rescue

Episode 2.17

Flap finds a cuckoo egg in a basket in the middle of the grasslands. Blinky's gang try unsuccessfully to plant it into other bird's nest. When a bulldozer approaches, Blinky's gang rescue all the other birds' eggs. All the eggs hatch and the ducks adopt the cuckoo.

Blinky Bill's Holiday

Episode 2.18

Blinky's gang follow a bus with Ms. Pym inside in hope of getting to Greenpatch. Instead they end up at a holiday resort, but try to enjoy it. They then meet Cedric and notice Ms. Pym is smitten with a man called Arthur. They then cause a calamity and their chance to stow with Ms. Pym is thwarted.

Blinky Bill and the Bird Smugglers

Episode 2.19

Blinky's gang plunge down a delta and meet a lizard named Hank whose parents were taken by poachers. Flap is taken away, but Blinky's gang head to the dinghy and trap the poachers. They sail the dinghy to a sandbank where the poachers are taken away by the coast guard.

Blinky Bill and the Crocodiles

Episode 2.20

On the trip back to Greenpatch, Blinky and his friends are met by a crocodile called Sirol who was exiled by his father for being soft. Blinky's gang train and disguise Sirol for the Iron Croc Contest. Sirol gets past every course resulting as the winner and earning good reputation from his family.

Blinky Bill and Gretel

Episode 2.21

During a storm Nutsy tells her friends a fairy tale story about 2 Koalas named Hansel and Gretel who get lost in the woods and meet other fairy tale friends and come across a candy house lived in by a wicked mouse witch, who later sends them down a well to dig for water, but they manage to get her wand and broomstick.

Blinky Bill Remembers Nutsy's Birthday

Episode 2.22

Nutsy thinks no-one remembers her birthday. Flap stumbles across a circus, but the overworked performers are under sickness pretense, so Blinky's Gang decide to do their own performance specially for Nutsy. Out of envy, the other performers get in the show but after the show, they come to an new agreement from Captain Possum.

Blinky Bill And The Real Estate Swindle

Episode 2.23

Blinky's Gang meet a couple of Feral Pigs called Wallace and George, who intend to own the Numbat house by trying to scare them away with a monster costume. After venturing out at night, Blinky manages to expose the two swindlers.

Blinky Bill And The Feud

Episode 2.24

After a long hot walk Blinky and his friends find a river, but the inhabitants of the place are very mean and fight all the time. The cause of this is the animals' differences in sleeping patterns. After much fighting even amongst themselves, Blinky's gang trick the animals into working together.

Blinky Bill And The Possum Cinema

Episode 2.25

Blinky's gang end up in a deserted town after fleeing a dust storm. They find Blinky's old possum friend Slick in a movie theatre. Blinky's gang manage to invite a fair number of animals to see the show. The movies don't go as Slick planned but the audience enjoy it all the same.

Blinky Bill And The Balloon

Episode 2.26

Blinky's gang find a hot-air balloon lodged in a tree. Once they get it free, they drift on it. They finally make it to Greenpatch, but can't land. Mr. Wombat receives Blinky's note and a rescue party starts after them with Ms. Magpie scouting for them and getting them out of the balloon. Then Greenpatch celebrates with a welcome back party.

Series 3 - Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Balloon Adventure


Australia's favourite mischievous koala now travels the world. Blinky Bill and his friends, Nutsy, Flap, Splodge and Marcia find themselves in a hot air balloon that takes them on an exciting international adventure.

The Great Escape

Episode 3.01

The Circus has come to the Bush run by the Circus Bros. Basil and Cyril. Blinky's Mother refuses to let him go but he goes anyway followed by Nutsy while his Mum goes babysitting and takes Flap with him. While trying to get into the Circus, Blinky realises that the Circus Bros. mistreat the animals who need freedom. While running from the Circus Bros, Blinky accidentally grabs the trapeze and swings back and forth with Basil thinking that he'd make money. Eventually Blinky, Nutsy and Flap manages to rescue the animals and make a hot-air balloon from the Circus Bros. circus tent and caravan and take them to freedom.


Episode 3.02

Blinky has rescued the circus Animals Ling Ling, Slippery, Yoyo, Penelope, Leo and Tico (who works for the Circus Bros. and was told to follow the animals). They land further into the bush where Blinky tries to teach them bush lore but some snakes scare them. Meanwhile the Circus Bros. arrive at Greenpatch and trap the residents in Miss Magpie's school while trying to have a town meeting as bait for catching Blinky for when he tries to save them. Eventually Blinky and Nutsy manage to rescue the Greenpatchers, drive off the Circus Bros. and start their adventure around the world.

Antarctic Adventure

Episode 3.03

Blinky heads for Antarctica to take Slippery home. The Circus Bros. are in pursuit with a man named Skipper the Scurvy on a boat with a wolf figurehead that caught Slippery. Once arriving Slippery falls onto the boat after the caravan tilts and Blinky and the others try to save him. Blinky climbs aboard the boat and releases him from the cage only to be caught by the Bros. and nearly put into the cage but Slippery stops them. They get the Circus Bros. kicked off the boat and take Slippery back to his family.

Polar Peril

Episode 3.04

While flying through Antarctica the Balloon deflates on the snow as Blinky and Nutsy fight over direction. Blinky and Nutsy go out to a human village to get a gas tank to fill the balloon. As they argue they take a different direction and go to the town separately and do the same thing. While they meet each other, the Circus Bros. find them as well and use the sleigh to get back, the Circus Bros. following. Eventually the animals manage to inflate the Balloon again and leave while the Circus Bros. fall into the Icy Water below and get chased by an angry Orca.

Flap's New Family

Episode 3.05

While leaving Antarctica, the Animals find a baby penguin who thinks that Flap is his mother (who he found in the previous episode while searching for Ling Ling). They go back to Antarctica to take him home. Blinky, Nutsy and Flap go to find his real mother while the Animals freeze as Yoyo had sent the warm clothing into the sea while leaving. The Circus Bros. find the colony as well and treat them like slaves as Flap finds them. Eventually they find Doris, the penguin's mother and manage to inflate the balloon with the stove after Tico took out the hot gas.

A Stitch in Time

Episode 3.06

While leaving to Africa, Blinky becomes impatient and tries to get them to Africa faster. Nutsy then tells the story of when Blinky got into trouble at the mine in wobbly creek back in Australia. Meanwhile the Circus Bros. climb aboard a boat to chase after the balloon. Later they steal the captain's helicopter to chase after the balloon which runs out of fuel just as they reach it. Soon Blinky and the crew get to Africa and head for Leo's home.

Leo Leads the Way

Episode 3.07

The animals have arrived at the African Plains. They get out and find a cub named Claude who is the son of Leo's son Rex, king of the Mumbada pride. Later Rex finds his father as a coward since he was only a cub left out in a storm and says he has no place in the pride. While Blinky and Flap train Leo to be scary, the Circus Bros. who are with 2 poachers catch Claude, Rex and Blinky. Leo manages to scare the Circus Bros. with the poachers into a trap and saves his friend, son and grandson and moves in back with his pride.

Monkey Business

Episode 3.08

One morning Blinky finds a pair of Monkeys who he thinks are Yoyo's family. But he cannot swim like them and while he thinks he hears his friends saying bad things about him and leaves. Tico then stops the balloon from leaving and the crew see that they're a different type of monkey without tails known as Chimps. The Circus Bros. then find Yoyo and put him in their truck as the animals find him and tell the truth. Blinky rescues Yoyo and he and the chimps drive off the Circus Bros.

Diamonds are Forever

Episode 3.09

Ling Ling shows magic to the animals. While a is showing a magic trick of making items disappear and reappear in Penelope's fur Blinky tries a magic trick on Penelope's diamond necklace and Tico takes it to the Circus Bros. After hearing that the Circus Bros. will sell it in the city and stop circuses he lets Blinky and the others know. They take a pride of Ostriches whose feathers were plucked by humans to chase after the Bros. truck and get the necklace. Eventually they manage to get the necklace back and drive off the Circus Bros. into a river.

Blinky's Birthday Surprise

Episode 3.10

At Greenpatch Blinky's friends plan a birthday party in honour of him which later turns out to be a disaster. In the African Plains Blinky is frustrated that no one knows its his birthday and are busy setting up the balloon to leave the next day. He finds Tico who gives him a toy which turns out to be a tracking device for the Circus Bros. to catch him and he then meets a Giraffe named Twigger who is finding her herd and helps Blinky get back his find his friends. He then notices the tracking beacon at a stream and throws it in the river and then meets 2 other giraffes named Nimi and Tobaccu who are a part of Twigger's herd. Blinky then gets to the Caravan to see a fully ready balloon and his friends give him a surprise as they watch the southern cross like at home while the Bros. find the tracking beacon in the mouth of a crocodile.

Baby Elephant Walk

Episode 3.11

Blinky's gang are collecting fire wood and find the caravan gone. They then see an Elephant pulling it who is taking her sick calf Kiku to find some grass. They help the elephant to find the grass followed by the Circus Bros. who are with Expert Game Trackers. When approaching a bridge, the elephant makes it across safely and they see the Circus Bros. coming. Eventually they get to the grass, make Kiku well again and leave the African plains.

Operation Free Flap

Episode 3.12

On a journey to take the animals home, Blinky's gang arrive at China so that they can take Ling Ling home. Flap falls out of the balloon after he and Blinky fight over the Binoculars and is taken by a boy named Hugh to his home with a bad bump on his head. The Circus Bros. also arrive in China in a crate shipped from Africa (which the Expert Game Trackers must have put them in) and see Flap on his news. Blinky manages to find Flap who is temporarily being Hugh's servant at a farmland with bandages wrapped round his head and they get to him at the same time as the Circus Bros.. Eventually Flap decides that he should stay with Blinky and learns that some humans are kind after all.

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Koala

Episode 3.13

Blinky's gang have flown to hawks peak only to find no pandas and that night they go to find a panda that some farm animals talked about in a village. It turned out to be Chinese New Year, one of china's famous celebrations. They split up to find the Panda and the Circus Bros. disguised as a dragon take the animals and lock them in a shed. Blinky and Ling Ling manage to find the panda who is the master and Ling Ling gets caught by the Circus Bros. and gets thrown in the shed bound instead of being in a cage like the others. Eventually Blinky and the Master manage to free the animals with fire crackers and Ling Ling manages to untie her self and they then shut the Circus Bros. in the shed and it gets blown up by fireworks in boxes after Cyril lit up a match.

Panda Pandemonium

Episode 3.14

Blinky's gang have flown off to find Ling Ling's family where few bamboo grows in the village. They tell the animals about a dragon who lives on a mountain near the village. Meanwhile Tico starts feeling left out after a weasel named Arthat helps the Circus Bros. catch the Pandas instead of him. The mountain guardians at the top of the mountain reveal that the dragon is a stone dragon which they use for scaring off humans and after losing the animals Basil fires Arthat for the trouble making him a loner. After that, Blinky and friends leave China followed by the Circus Bros. who are on a Trishaw which Tico tied a rope from the balloon to pulling them along across the sky.

Jungle Bungles

Episode 3.15

After flying over the Pacific Ocean for a long time with the Circus Bros. on a trishaw tied to the balloon Blinky and friends reach South America and head for the Amazon Jungle. Upon arriving Tico tells Yoyo that there's monkeys like him in the Amazon which there really isn't and is a trap to get him and the others to the Bros.. While landing Tico tells the Animals about dangerous things in the Amazon and they get back to the caravan with water all around and meet a friendly Anaconda named Anna who is afraid of water since she was young. The Circus Bros. shortly reach the balloon for Blinky and Blinky falls out as the Circus Bros. are kicked off. Anna soon overcomes her fear of water and saves Blinky and the caravan and the Circus Bros. are sent down a waterfall.

Double Trouble

Episode 3.16

At Greenpatch while preparing for an Unveiling ceremony, Splodge gets a letter from Nutsy. Blinky and his friends in the are met with a Howler Monkey named Coco Phil and his adoptive sister Sophia who live in a town named Leafpatch and are not monkeys like Yoyo. Leafpatch has similar residents to Greenpatch. While Blinky and Coco are competing to see who has the best trap the Circus Bros. catch Nutsy and Sophia. They eventually save and drive off the Circus Bros. who fall down a waterfall again. Under the sheet is a ridiculous statue of Mayor Macaw and after reading Nutsy's letter, Mayor Pelican decides to cancel the Unveiling and a brach reveals a ridiculous statue of him.

Tico's Choice

Episode 3.17

Blinky's gang have flown further into the Amazon jungle to find Yoyo's family. While there Blinky meets a colony of Toucans, two named Peppo and Raol who seem to find Tico familiar and Tico asks Blinky and the others to meet him at the rise. While up there Blinky spots Tico talking to the Circus Bros. with his binoculars and find out that it is a trap and decide to leave the Amazon. Meanwhile the Circus Bros. and Tico manage to trap the Toucans followed by Blinky and his friends. Tico turns his back and the Circus Bros. and rescues the animals and making the Circus Bros. fall into the river yet again and decides that he couldn't fit in the with the toucans and decides to stay with Blinky.

Poisoned Penelope

Episode 3.18

While leaving the Amazon to wherever Yoyo's family are,Penelope is picking purple flowers and trips getting pricked by one of the thorns. They go to Leafpatch for help and Armo says that the flower is known as the Purple Devil and that the humans have the cure. Blinky has to go without Coco's help after he twists his ankle and takes Penelope to the humans. They give Penelope the medicine and mention Yoyo as a South Indian Monkey and the Circus Bros. get pricked by many Purple Devil thorns. Now Blinky and the others finally leave the Amazon and head for India.

All at Sea

Episode 3.19

Blinky's gang are heading to India to take Yoyo home. Meanwhile Cyril Circus Bungee jumps from a helicopter and then falls into the stormy sea. Blinky and the others then save him and take him to shore. Eventually they find a small Island that Basil and the Captain are at and drops him off and Blinky falls out with Basil knowing that Cyril did the job. Blinky then gets back on board and leaves to India getting the Circus Bros. into trouble.

Tico takes Charge

Episode 3.20

Blinky's gang arrive at India followed by the Circus Bros. on a plane who soon fall off having not buckled their seatbelts and meet 3 jugglers who are Magid the Bear, Alsana the Mongoose and Sanjay the Rat. Then a man takes Yoyo and puts him in a truck with the jugglers and drives off. While the jugglers perform the man who is Mr. Rashid is revealed that he steals people's wallets and people chase him off and get Yoyo freed. Then Tico decides to be the director for the Jugglers and has finally got a home and Blinky decides to find more monkeys related to Yoyo.

Tiger Taming

Episode 3.21

During the night, the Circus Bros. jump into the balloon and send it off and Cyril finds his Teddy Bear who he thought he'd left behind in Australia. Blinky and his friends spot the balloon and follow it to where it traps a Bengal tiger cub under a pile of wood and his mother tries to help. Blinky has an idea of Flap digging him free and he stepped on a twig and Blinky manages to show him self in front of the adult tiger and runs until he is caught by the Circus Bros. inside the balloon. Flap frees Sondeya the tiger cub and drives off the Circus Bros. and it is then revealed that there's lots of monkeys in the town of Chanipaa.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Episode 3.22

Blinky goes to Chanipaa to take Yoyo home followed by the Circus Bros. on Rulmi the elephant. While searching for Yoyo's family, Penelope is caught by the Circus Bros. in gypsy costumes. After saving Penelop,e the animals run off to a temple known as the Forbidden Temple which Rulmi spoke to Penelope about. In the cave they spot a pair of monkeys who throw fruit at the Bros. and they turn out to be Yoyo's family. Yoyo decides to be a Temple Guardian like them and Blinky then heads for Paris to take Penelope home.

A Dog's Best Friend

Episode 3.23

Blinky's gang arrive in Paris in search of Penelope's mistress. Her mistress has moved house and owns a cat named Fifi. The Circus Bros. come and try to catnap Fifi, but Penelope unites with her mistress and hands them the diamond bracelet. Blinky gets it back by trading Cyril his teddy bear.

Blinky Bill Superstar

Episode 3.24

In a studio Blinky is made a superstar by the fashion designer Phoebe. As days pass, Blinky is so acquainted with his new lifestyle, Nutsy and Flap decide to go home without him. The Circus Bros. abduct Nutsy and Flap and Blinky realising how selfish Phoebe is, leaves her and rescues his friends.

Paris Au-Go-Go

Episode 3.25

With their balloon destroyed, Blinky's make their way to the airport. Blinky's gang give themselves up to the Circus Bros. to get a ride to Australia but Basil intends to take them to New York. Blinky's gang sneak on the Koala Airlines plane where a kind stewardess provides their needs.

How Green is my Greenpatch?

Episode 3.26

Blinky's gang make it back to Greenpatch. The Circus Bros. have followed them and Basil starts a Bushfire. Cyril leaves Basil's side and summons the fire brigade to extinguish the fire and he takes Basil for retirement.