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Hard Time Getting Soft Time

Episode 1.01
Written by Angus FitzSimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Kimble Rendall

Dave Davies works up a sweat when he finds out that his new show "The Jesters" could be cancelled due to low ratings, so Dave teaches his boys to get publicity — opting that one of them should be arrested.

Michael has his own problems trying to shoot a charity ad without any charity backing him

And Steve learns how to be spontaneously prepared as a radio phoner for Dave.


  • Mick Molloy as Dave
  • Emily Taheny as Kat
  • Ben Gurens as Steve
  • Christian Barratt-Hill as Michael
  • Andy Ryan as Zak
  • Travis Cotton as Tony
  • Adam Ray as Martin (Director)
  • Susie Porter as Julia
  • Deborah Kennedy as Di
  • Daniel Mitchell as British PM,
  • Michael Booth as Cameraman
  • Helen Thompson as Harriet (Reporter)
  • Gil Balfas as Photographer
  • Rebecca Clay as Newsreader
  • Chris Mitchell as Stunt Policeman
  • Dave Gibson as voice
  • Kitty Flanagan as voice
  • Angus FitzSimons as voice