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Doctor Doctor


Episode 1.01
Wed, Sept 14, 2016 (8:40)
759,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Peter Salmon

After a spectacular fall from grace, high-flying heart surgeon Dr Hugh Knight receives a life-changing punishment from the Medical Tribunal — he is forced to work for a year as a country GP in his former home town of Whyhope.

A lot has changed since Hugh last checked into Whyhope. His mother Meryl is a local civic leader, while father Jim has struggled to adapt to the winds of change. His brother Matt has married Hugh's former girlfriend Charlie and the family wheat farm is now home to a successful micro-brewery.

Hugh starts work at the Medical Clinic under the eagle-eye of his supervisor, Penny, juggling everything from tractor accidents to haemorrhoids with the help of "Dr Google". He quickly makes an enemy of hospital administrator Ken, but finds a kindred spirit in the form of party-girl nurse Aoife and rekindles a childhood friendship with knockabout local Joey.

Starring: Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight, Nicole da Silva as Charlie, Ryan Johnson as Matt Knight, Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight, Hayley McElhinney as Penny, Chloe Bayliss as Hayley, Matt Castley as Ajax, Belinda Bromilow as Betty, Shalom Brune-Franklin as Aoife, Charles Wu as Ken, Steve Bisley as Jim Knight

With: Zoe Carides as Jill, Brandon Burke as Dr. Burke, Giselle Da Silva as Nurse, Cheyne Neighbour as Johnny, Michelle Lim Davidson as Becky, Aileen Beale as Dr. Koutofides, Wadih Dona as Dr. Ogilvy, John Batchelor as Nathan, Ingrid Schlig as Overdose Woman [Sasha], Winta McGrath as Floyd, Pat Cullen as Male Patient, Dave Eastgate as Joey, Vanessa Buckley as Kimberly, Michael Kotsohilis as FIFO Worker, Patrick Chongnee as Brewery Employee, Savannah Lamble as Jesse, Emily Eskell as Gabrielle, Jai Carlson as Kid, Sarah Armanious as Emergency Doctor, Aaron Smith as Stabbing Victim

Home Sweet Home


Episode 1.02
September 21, 2016
821,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Peter Salmon

Hugh wakes up in a house he doesn't recognize, littered with the remnants of a big night and Aoife face down on the floor. Thankfully, she's alive. Upon seeing his hungover state, Penny, however, is not amused and orders him to provide yet another urine sample. Hugh extracts one from a young patient in return for a doctor's note — but unfortunately, it tests positive for cannabis.

Hugh's mood is boosted by a call from a Sydney surgeon in need of his help, but the respite is only fleeting as a 16-year-old pinned under a tractor tragically bleeds to death on Hugh's watch. This moment, along with a D&M with his old friend, Joey, who is facing a potential cancer diagnosis forces Hugh to reflect on his life choices.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in the Knight family, as a family dinner sparks old flames and tests new dynamics. In an effort to do something right, Hugh bails up his schoolfriend-turned-mining-magnate 'Big Nathan' for $40K and hands it over to Penny for much needed MRI machine, to her delight and great surprise. Giving him a second chance, Penny decides to not test another urine sample.

With: Dave Eastgate as Joey, Zoe Carides as Jill, Julia Savage as Schoolgirl, Ron Carr as Old Man, Rory Potter as Teenage Boy [Aaron Moore], Mike Duncan as Quad Bike Driver, Lochie Nazer Hennings as Tanner Kid [James], Stephen Leeder as Mr. Tanner, Janelle Packer as Mrs Tanner, Amy Kersey as Jane, John Batchelor as Nathan, Octavia Barron-Martin as Sally Peacock

Note: Doctor Doctor has been renewed for a second series

San Francisco


Episode 1.03
September 28, 2016
661,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Jeremy Sims

Hugh is concerned about Jim's health but as per usual, Jim doesn't want to talk about it. Penny reapportions the MRI machine funds — which is frustrating and untimely given Hugh's next patient has a head trauma. This frustration quickly turns to excitement, as Trevor, a colleague and co-pioneer in artificial heart research, turns up to show Hugh their new prototype. They trial the product on a pig they steal on a hunting trip and with the surprise help of Penny, they test its capability.

Meryl, meanwhile, is caught up in a heated political battle to be mayor, and at risk of scandal, she sets free the stolen pig, containing the $500K artificial heart. While Ajax and Trevor attempt to track down the prized pig, Hugh assists at a B&S Ball. Fueled by alcohol and impulse, Hugh makes moves on Charlie and goads Meryl's political opponent into a violent resolution. A revelation with his head trauma patient, causes Hugh to recalibrate his approach to life and medicine.

With: Jacek Koman as Trevor, John Batchelor as Nathan, Mark Simpson as Dale, Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle, Lucy Durack as Tugger, Timothy Parsons as Drunk Guy #1, Kyran Lynch as Drunk Guy #2, Daniel Lawrie as Injured Teenager, Patrick Diggins as Storeroom Boy #1, Joey Howe as Storeroom Boy #2, Mia Bowd as Drunk Girl, Ambrose McNamara as Teenage Girl, Nikki Petkovic as Snake Bite Girl, Jaxon Graham Wilson as Wanabe Doctor

I Don't Need Another Drink, Said Not Me Last Night!


Episode 1.04
October 05, 2016
763,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Alice Bell
Directed by Jeremy Sims

When Hugh is sued for malpractice he must travel back to Sydney to defend himself. He drags Matt along with him in an attempt to bond with his brother but it backfires when Matt is found in a comprising position with another woman.

Charlie is pushed to the limit by Meryl and takes revenge with a goat and Penny is put in a tricky position while safeguarding Hugh's complicated life. In misguided honesty Matt 'comes clean' with Charlie — while Joey delivers a shocking and life changing revelation to Hugh.

In a last ditch effort to pacify Henry's threats of suing, Hugh returns to Sydney with Ajax in tow and offers up his ocean view bachelor pad as compensation — big-city life is getting further and further away.

With: Cassie Osbourne as Kacey, Winta McGrath as Floyd, Julia Savage as Rachel, Peter Callan as Henry Goodearl, Ainslie McGlynn as Henry's Lawyer, Jennie Dibley as CWA Lady, Laura Jane O'Reilly as Receptionist, Dave Eastgate as Joey, Emily Russell as Gia, Michelle Lim Davidson as Becky, Jemma Rivera as Party Mum, Jeremy Sims as Mike, Gerlinde Erling as Old Lady [Dot]

We Don't Need Another Hero


Episode 1.05
October 12, 2016
826,000 viewers (7th)
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Kriv Stenders

Hugh becomes the town hero after footage goes viral of him saving a promising young footballer from a booby trapped paddock-turned-minefield. He is swiftly brought back down to reality after being accosted by Ajax for not being able to fix the footballer's hand, and also by Meryl for letting Ajax search the minefield for his friend's fingers. Matt, Charlie, Hugh, Aoife, Joey and Tugger all blow off some steam and get back to basics — a country-style lock-in with plenty of booze.

Charlie has a revelatory kiss, and tries to re-energise her relationship with Matt, only to collapse in pain. Hugh gains a deeper understanding of Penny and what it means to be a parent, while she grieves the anniversary of her husband's death. With Penny AWOL, Hugh must operate on Charlie's ectopic pregnancy. As she and Matt grow closer, Hugh turns to Aoife for some distraction. Hugh-style.

With: Lucy Durack as Tugger, Patrick Diggins as Anton, Aaron McGrath as Jai, Martin Broome as Liam, Winta McGrath as Floyd, Lester Morris as Old Man, Dave Eastgate as Joey

Golden Harvest


Episode 1.06
October 19, 2016
854,000 viewers (6th)
Written by Tamara Asmar
Directed by Kriv Stenders

When a brawl at the local pub turns fatal, Hugh learns that they can't save them all. But things only get worse when the transplant team arrives from Sydney, and it's led by Hugh's ex-colleague and long term rival, Daniel. Hugh desperately attempts to hide the fact that he is now working as a country GP, but it's not long before Daniel has exposed him. In the process, Hugh ridicules Whyhope Hospital, and inadvertently offends Penny, Betty and Ken.

When Hugh and Penny go to give vaccinations to a rural family they have a run-in with Craig, a farmer with a shotgun. Forced to talk his way out, Hugh is given a fast lesson in what's involved in being a country doctor. Which is lucky, for when Hugh realises that Betty's friend has a subdural haemorrhage, it calls for some low-tech fast thinking, and he drills a bore hole into the man's skull to reduce the pressure.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Matt are dealing with the aftermath of Charlie's ectopic pregnancy, and Meryl begins on a series of well meaning, but misguided attempts to comfort her. The family gets together for Ajax's sixteenth birthday dinner, complete with an outlandish present from Hugh: a Ducati. During dinner Hugh is outed by a tweet from Ken, and the whole family discover why he is really back in Whyhope.

With: Lisa Raimen as Paramedic, Mitch Garling as Injured FIFO [Gary Hardy], Ainslie McGlynn as Rita (v/o), Yure Covich as Ross, Alice Zahalka as Simone, Chum Ehelepola as Daniel, Dan Eady as Gus, Winta McGrath as Floyd, Patricia Shai-Hee as Mrs Lim, Leslie Krahner as Toe Nail Man, Ben Woods as Craig, Kate Worsley as Janice, Mike Duncan as Hugh Bike Double, Talayna Moana Nikora as Aoife Bike Double

This is Not a Love Song


Episode 1.07
October 26, 2016
777,000 viewers (6th)
Written by Liz Doran
Directed by Peter Salmon

Hugh gets a running start to his day when a FIFO worker named Jazz goes on a meth-fuelled psychotic break outside the hospital, and ends up chopping off part of his penis. And that's not the only thing thrown his way — Aoife, tells him she loves him… and gives him 24 hours to say it back.

Meanwhile, Meryl prepares to unveil her latest contribution to this town — a large statue of a wine bottle and grapes, with an unfortunate resemblance to something else. Gossip soon spreads throughout the town, as Meryl's work becomes famous for entirely the wrong reasons.

Back at the hospital, Hugh discovers a cancer trial that's having positive results, and he pulls a few strings to get Joey admitted. But while on a trip to the mines, he and Penny get diverted and end up having to stay overnight in a small farm house. While there, Penny and Hugh have a bonding moment — that is, until she finds out that Hugh's been sleeping with her best nurse. Hugh denies that he'll leave Aoife broken-hearted, but on his return, a serious conversation between the two ends their relationship for good.

With: Michael Kotsohilis as FIFO Jazz [Jason Aristos], Dave Eastgate as Joey, Lucy Durack as Tugger, John Batchelor as Nathan, Shakira Clanton as Kodie, Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle, Hamish Michael as Tim, Jerry Retford as Drug Guy, Max Cullen as Martin, Maggie Blinco as Deb, Jacek Koman as Trevor, Briallen Clarke as Erin

The Truth Is Out There


Episode 1.08
November 02, 2016
819,000 viewers (6th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Peter Salmon

When Hugh gets licence to perform minor surgeries, he's desperate to find a patient who needs to go under the knife. Unfortunately he gets interrupted when Floyd climbs on the roof of his school and will only listen to Hugh. He's able to talk Floyd down, but Penny starts to worry about how much time Hugh is spending with her son. At a family dinner, Meryl announces that she's going to run for Mayor, but no one is too thrilled about the idea.

Meanwhile, Hugh decides he wants to tell Ajax that he's his father, while Meryl and Jim are adamant that Ajax shouldn't find out. Determined to have his way, Hugh lets Charlie in on the secret, and before long it's leaked throughout the entire family. Meryl reluctantly agrees to tell Ajax, but insists they'll do it her way. However things don't go to plan — Hugh winds up getting his hand caught in the motor of the Ducati, and blurting it out in the worst way possible.

With: Winta McGrath as Floyd, Lucy Durack as Tugger, Alice Zahalka as Simone, Sam Fraser as Glen, Patti Howson as Mrs Daley, Ainslie McGlynn as Carl (O/S Voice on Phone), Simon London as Travis, Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle, Judd Wild as Ajax Bike Double, Ben Toyer as Hugh Bike Double

Say Sayonara


Episode 1.09
November 09, 2016
707,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Tamara Asmar
Directed by Jeremy Sims

After the accident, Hugh is left without any feeling in his hand, and his future as a surgeon is suddenly in jeopardy. He's also left to deal with his badly-timed revelation to Ajax — that he's his father. Ajax hasn't taken the news well, fleeing the family homestead and setting up camp at the old family cottage. Meryl is particularly on edge, as she's desperate for all the family to pull together for her political debate today. They manage to get Ajax there in time — but Meryl gets caught out when Rod Eagle challenges her about him, and whether he left high school illegally.

Meanwhile, Joey has been sent home early from the cancer trial. Hugh is soon discovers the truth — Joey's cancer has metastasised to his brain, and there's nothing further they can do to treat him. Joey's made up his mind, he wants to go out on his own terms, and they hold a wake so that he can be surrounded by his friends one last time. Hugh finally accepts that he is unable to save him, and gives his friend the death that he deserves.

With: Lucy Durack as Tugger, Dave Eastgate as Joey, Kimie Tsukakoshi as Shelley, Tyler De Nawi as Ben, Ally Henville as Hannah [v/o], John Batchelor as Nathan, Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle, Michael Beckley as Mediator, Misha Harding as Meryl Supporter, Wadih Dona as Dr Ogilvy, Amy Kersey as Jane



Episode 1.10 (finale)
November 16, 2016
785,000 viewers (5th)
Written by Tony McNamara
Directed by Jeremy Sims

When Hugh discovers that Penny is taking a new job in Sydney, he attempts to remain professional and supportive. However Penny struggles to tell the rest of the staff that she's leaving Whyhope for the big city. Hugh is soon confronted by Tugger who is desperately trying to find out if he played a role in Joey's death. But the results of the toxicology report come in, and it appears Joey was killed by snake venom, exonerating Hugh.

Meanwhile, in the midst of her election campaign, Meryl discovers that all of her money has been stolen by Hugh, who argues that he took it for Joey's treatment. Back at the hospital, Penny's replacement arrives — the formidable Nora Gumbleton. But before Penny leaves, the team has one last trauma to face together: there's been an accident and a full load of bus passengers are driven into emergency. Hugh is relieved to finally get some feeling back in his hand, if only to realise what's really important to him — Penny. He goes to tell her, but it's too late, and he watches her drive out of Whyhope without him.

With: Winta McGrath as Floyd, Lucy Durack as Tugger, John Batchelor as Nathan, Patrick Wilson as Rod Eagle, Helen Thomson as Nora, Jackie Murray as Bus Driver, George Kemp as Hysterical Guy, Andy Leonard as Broken Leg Guy [Danny], Dylan Nuttall as Pneumothorax Guy, Janet Kingsbury as Old Lady, Stephanie Hamer as Bleeding Patient, Terry Meller as Cardiac Patient, Ben Toyer as Hugh Precision Driver, Inge Sildnik as Penny Precision Driver